La obra oculta

La obra oculta


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:34 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La obra oculta torrent reviews

Wildaly M (mx) wrote: Watchable. Suspend reality of course.

Anh H (jp) wrote: Not the best from DC.

David Ray G (it) wrote: A strong film that touches on a topic that is often portrayed unfairly. This movie could be a sequel to Tomboy as far as I'm concerned.The performances were fantastic - especially the one by Rick Okon. I really enjoyed the story and its pacing, and it was very interesting to see how all the characters were developed equally, even if the story focuses on just two of them. There were a few issues with the direction and at times it felt amateurish. I wish it had delved even deeper and not be stereotypical at times, but it's already a wonderful film dealing with the topic of transsexualism in a way that not many coming-of-age films often do..

Sam F (jp) wrote: Really awesome. I loved it. Animation brillliant. Justin was so funny. Same age range as Tangled.

Roland M (ca) wrote: "Soo, how do you make a simple story into a full length feature film? Watch this and you might just learn a thing or two"

Matt A (gb) wrote: A psychotic trip to the other side....this movie was trippy as hell..and scary at times.pretty good experimental horror...although will be confusing to most.

Kayleigh S (ru) wrote: Fantasmic movie! Cute, funny, and all around great.

Sabra S (jp) wrote: I have seen this movie before it is good

Matt R (ag) wrote: Simply the best film ever made.

susspention33 (de) wrote: a love story in a different way

Herbert B (jp) wrote: This informative documentary has lots of original news footage, letting the Berkeley free speech advocates speak for themselves, both then, in B&W snippets, and again a quarter century later, in full color interviews. (By the way, philosopher John Searle is among those interviewed.)

Aj V (mx) wrote: This movie has action, comedy, outrageous and silly stunts... it's stupid, but fun. It could have been a better movie, though. It needed some funnier jokes, a couple of better actors maybe, at least for the bad guys, and maybe they could rewrite the script a little. As it is, the ending isn't satisfactory, we need more to the story, but the rest of it is mostly entertaining.

Tim L (ru) wrote: Not bad, but not one of the greatest. Some funny bits here and there.

Greg W (ru) wrote: "Hodges avails himself of the private-eye genre's deaths, sex and homophobia, yet comedy loosens his nihilism"i liked this and also this is the last movie (so far) of lizabeth scott one of my fave actresses

Alberto C (br) wrote: Way better than the first carrie, the ending just as it supposed to be 1/4?

James B (gb) wrote: great movie about the best of friendships. this friendship is going through the most awkward time in life (high school), and to top it off, your best friend turns out to be gay! how do you handle it? what do you do? extremely funny, incredibly awkward, and lots of fun!

Eric L (au) wrote: Don't touch Buddy! The fight is great at 3...Jerry defeats Buddy with his own weapon.

Martin D (es) wrote: It, s an crazy movie about some relatives to a old man Played by Kirk Douglas, How far would you go for money these people do everything just to satisfy the old man .. but thing got out of control and you Nerves expect what to happen ...The greedy relatives Carl McTeague (Ed Begley, Jr.), Ed (Bob Balaban) and Frank (Phil Hartman) among others of a wealthy, wheelchair-using scrap-metal tycoon, Uncle Joe McTeague (Kirk Douglas), continually suck up to him to inherit his millions. With their attempts constantly failing and irritable Uncle Joe showing a decided interest in his new "nurse" (Olivia d'Abo), the family decides to bring in Daniel (who turned his back on the family years ago) believing if they can make up, Uncle Joe will thaw towards them.Instead of finding Daniel, they find his son Danny (Michael J. Fox), of whom Uncle Joe had always been especially fond. Professional bowler Danny left the family with his father, but he accepts the cousins' invitation to return-after rolling a gutter ball in a big tournament and finding out that he has a pre-arthritic condition developing in his wrist.Danny's television sports producer girlfriend Robin (Nancy Travis) encourages him to ask Uncle Joe for a loan to invest in a bowling alley. A typically rude and crude Joe says he will lend the money only if Danny sides with him against his own father. Danny is offended; but he begins to compete for Uncle Joe's money if only to keep it out of the hands of "nurse" Molly and the greedy relatives.In the end, Uncle Joe agrees to leave everything to Danny only to reveal that he is actually swimming in debt. He simply needed to find out "who really loves me." Danny and Robin agree to take care of him from now on, but Uncle Joe has another surprise or two in store for them.

Sydney H (us) wrote: I Love This Movie..Thank the Lord Everything is Alright!