La ola

La ola


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:70 minutes
  • Release:1995
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La ola torrent reviews

F B (de) wrote: Probably one of the worst far fetched ott films I have seen in a long time. It was totally irritating American garbage of the worst kind.

Janette T (de) wrote: There are many unexpected ironies in this film. But I guess, when you live in the kind of world this film depicts, one must do what is needed to survive. And the reckless young, often falls into the trap of thinking they are different (and a world changer) and falls too soon. I hope this film will get the chance to have a sequel soon.

Zsolt H (gb) wrote: 2,5 stars, not the worst ever though...

Jamuelcond J (br) wrote: uoehavred tolima god' criuy po here oalig ncam do i so' riuly do tam coulie oalinga i mao o rali your m cem volis

Dan D (jp) wrote: Way better than either of the previous films. A better storyline that was deeply rooted in the original animated series and spectacular CG animation and action sequences. Just far more gripping and entertaining than the other two. Bay reigns in the stupid humor and not having Megan Fox around to permeate the film with her bitchiness really helped. And Optimus Prime is one of the great modern fictional characters. There, I said it.

Benjamin J (gb) wrote: An introduction to 8 modern philosophers through chats with them in ordinary situations. This wasn't too consistent as some sections drag and others are incredibly interesting. Slavoj Zizek's rant on ecology is worth a look, and the three interjections by Cornel West are absolutely brilliant. However, Michael Hardt and Peter Singer are a let down, really only giving you an insight into why they think particular issues are important in a biographical way rather than getting you to think about the issue further. Judith Butler is also pushed to one side as she interviews the director's wheelchair bound sister. Although this is interesting(ish), I couldn't help but think "You've got Judith Butler to her!" Nussbaum is the most overtly philosophical, explaining her ideas directly to camera, which didn't fit the film- but personally I found this to be refreshing in the middle of the free form disjointed ramblings either side.A good film, but maybe one to be dipped into rather than working through in one sitting.

Nikki J (mx) wrote: First off, Billy Zane is not a great actor, aside from his appearance in Titanic and Dead Calm...the acting in this is so weak and the plot has so been done before. This is just like a really bad made for tv movie.

Samantha S (kr) wrote: Good documentary if you're into Scrabble or into documentaries. I dated one of the guys in the movie way back in the dark ages, so I know the Scrabble story. Yes, he's in the movie.

Gregory W (au) wrote: After reading the synopsis, I was hoping that it would be a great B-movie. Never have I been so wrong.

Christopher B (ca) wrote: Has some funny moments. Stiller is great as usual.

Sanjay T (gb) wrote: Funny action with some meaning

Gemma M (au) wrote: A cute and harmless family movie which will definitely gain the approval of the kids as the three most famous chipmunks venture to Miami with a stereotypical rebelling teen. Despite a predictable plot, the film makes a decent enough movie for children to enjoy.