La pantera roja

La pantera roja


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Amy H (it) wrote: The plot isn't that bad, but the acting were. And the finer details of the story is just so poor. Why would the teachers locked the students inside the school rather than handing them over to the cops?!

Erika S (jp) wrote: Saw with Kevin and we really enjoyed... Much better than expected!

Jemina S (au) wrote: Oon aina pitany Remua saalittavana ja ton leffan jalkeen viela enemman. Sorry. Iha kauhee. Huh huh.

Hannah D (au) wrote: Jackson Rathbone is hilarious as Snippy in this movie. Other than that, the movie was rather stupid and lacked any clever comedy.

benny c (au) wrote: Bech Warmers is soooo funny

Victor L (mx) wrote: norika n ruby r pretty.

Mitchell M (kr) wrote: If you view this for what it is - a film intended to be shockingly disgusting, it still isn't good but it's not as bad as the critics said either. The plot never really gets going as it frequently stops for random gross-out gags, some which made me laugh, others that were just embarrassing. Not one I'd recommend, but not the worst movie ever made either.

Kyle S (ag) wrote: Jackie Brown is Tarantino's most mature film that created a different atmosphere than his other work. He has proven time and time again that he can make excellent crime films and Jackie Brown is no exception. The film has a clever story, great acting, and Tarantino behind the camera.

David F (kr) wrote: Here we have the film based off of Burroughs' classic "unfilmable" novel, which I haven't read. Weller gives a great and memorable performance that's darkly satirical in nature. The mood and atmosphere is straight up Cronenberg, and that's a compliment. However, the content is where the film falters. It feels like an experiment in the weird more than anything else. I understand what the weird images, sounds, and words all mean in terms of the story, but the story itself isn't fleshed or melded well enough for a coherent film to be produced. I can't connect with the story or characters because it's simply too cold and out-there to really connect with. This is a project too big for Cronenberg. So this sounds like I hated it. I didn't. I appreciate what Cronenberg tried to achieve; that he tried to make a story out of non-linear vignettes. For the most part, I can see what he's trying to do, but in the end, it's just too thinly realized to be truly remarkable. It's an interesting experiment, and I appreciate it for that. I'd love to read the novel.

Marie P (it) wrote: The cover says it all. "From the creators of Adventures in Babysitting" it boasts. "It's great fun!" Hmm. Great fun. Or, to put it another way, quite simply the worst film ever made. Charlie "The Delinquents" Schlater kidnaps Elvis to cheer up his mum. Actually, I may have to watch this again just to revel in its horror.

Stephen M (ru) wrote: A justly reviled British psycho-thriller which compounds its already objectionable premise, that a man whose brother has Down's Syndrome is predisposed to murderous insanity, by having the killer feign learning difficulties to cover his crimes. A good cast and a Bernard Herrman score (plundered by Tarantino for "Kill Bill") do not mask the nasty aftertaste.

MARS D (ag) wrote: Jodorowsky's stunning meditation on the chaotic nature of love and desire.

Rory Fyfe S (kr) wrote: Very clever movie. Very good idea. No wonder they wanted a remake.

Ming Siu G (fr) wrote: A very solid anthology, all of them intriguing for different reasons. But as a whole, they don't work that well together. I don't know if it would be any different if their order had been reshuffled.

Ron K (ca) wrote: Robert Duvall and Keven Costner were awesome together, their performances made a very good movie even better.

Max N (au) wrote: Spots were it sort of drags on but it's still very well acted. A must see for all sports fans.