La pension des étranges

La pension des étranges


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La pension des étranges torrent reviews

Roman D (jp) wrote: INSANE!!! must see if you're a ski lover! :-)

Eirin H (it) wrote: So bad it's impressive. We actually watched the whole movie because we were fascinated by how incredibly terrible it was. Wins the award of worst acting in a movie ever, everyone's beyond terrible apart from Fred Willard. Not sure why he decided to do this "movie", but him and Eugene Levy do seem to say yes to anything. Strange really, as they're both very good and funny actors. I have to add, I only watched it because it was free on Lovefilm and the star is purely for Willard and the tropical setting.

Chloe S (us) wrote: I love Chris Farley and David Spade together. Definitely a classic!

Martin K (fr) wrote: Nice bball movie.Interesting mixture of great actor like Nick Nolte and bunch of pro ballers.One of my favorities.Enjoy!

Rod G (br) wrote: "Supercop" combina de manera magnfica la accin real con la comedia ingeniosa y ferozmente hilarante dejando en claro que Jackie Chan y Michelle Yeoh son artistas del combate y las acrobacias reales que dejan boquiabiertos con sus escenas de persecucin.

ROBERT M (kr) wrote: Hard to imagine why it only got a 50% audience score. I think it is one of Pacino's best performances and shows he can carry a comedic role. Sure some dialogue is awkward but it has some really funny scenes. Pacino plays this quirky character well. The (many) kids are charming as well.

Connor G (es) wrote: Really nothing particularly memorable about this one, which was exceptionally disappointing.

Adam D (ag) wrote: a good B western with interesting story and nice horses to.

Leonardo Malacay S (br) wrote: Parsito espacial que puede apoderarse de la tierra, un buen argumento

Hame K (ca) wrote: I find it funny, Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow and Oliva Munn.. makes it worth watching !

Jason H (br) wrote: Guy is dumped by nasty girl then spends most of the film trying to win her back with the help of the animals while ignoring the charms of his co-worker who is a dream date..