La petite mort

La petite mort

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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La petite mort torrent reviews

Steve S (kr) wrote: I haven't seen nothing

Emmanuel F (us) wrote: Insightful look into what it means to resist, what it costs and the motivations behind it. Sometimes when in the midst of resistance, hard to distinguish the criminals and rebels from the resistance.

David R (au) wrote: A beautiful movie, I enjoyed it. It was so different than I that it was going to be. Qi Shu is so good in this, I fell in love with her character. Its not just her the other actors were remarkable, If I can find the dvd I'll buy this movie :)

Aleksandra D (nl) wrote: If you had some terrible experiences with polish comedies this will not be the case Poles thought them utterly funny and you couldn't even follow the main plot...

Minna M (ag) wrote: It's about a woman who is just released from prison and she wants to go to her sister's wedding. In the train she meets a young man who wants to propose his girlfriend to marry him. Things happen in the train and the woman ends ups having young man's ring while he ends ups having her handbag. The woman goes after to find the young man and meet his relatives. The woman starts pretending to be the young man's fiance. It was an average romantic comedy but it had it's funny and sweet moments. Not the best one of Korean films even though Kang Dong-won is in it.

Shaqunda R (ag) wrote: this movie is da bomb i luv it so much

James H (au) wrote: Fun classic musical, the cast is terrific and some wonderful musical numbers. Good photography, very entertaining. A nice mix of music and comedy. The choreography is clever and amazing.

Jonathan S (nl) wrote: It's a hot-tub time machine. What more do you want?