La piovra 10

La piovra 10


The final instalment in the legendary Octopus Series fro RAI Italy. Throughout The Octopus series we have seen many generations of the Mafia, starting in the 1950's and now ending in the 1990's. We return to find an ageing and solitary Tano Cariddi in his hideaway on the slopes of Mount Etna, where we left him at the end of Octopus Series 7. He is tormented at night by his past, his mother, father, sister, wife, lost loves and villainy are the nocturnal phantoms from which Tano is trying to escape. Men, young and old, obliged to defend a proud past, young sons, knowing or oblivious, having to make cruel decisions, whether to be ruined by shame or to embark on an extreme and lawless adventures. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David M (us) wrote: Grade: B-A recent college graduate goes to Paris to forget his troubles following a breakup. Corbet is fantastic as the myopic and completely unlivable Simon who slowly seems to be unraveling as his manipulative behavior escalates throughout he film as he uses and controls and damages all the women around him. The real reason to watch this tough to watch full is the direction from Campos which is assured in tone and style with claustrophobic framin, over the back follow shots, and blaring electronic music that punctuate scenes. Easier to appreciate than to like.

Andrea R (br) wrote: I will always love anything with Sheri Moon Zombie

Vessela D (au) wrote: Great entertainment! :) And incredible Christina Aguilera! :) I can never have enough of her amazing voice! :)

Amanda M (mx) wrote: A seriously good laugh.. is it suppose to be a comedy? Oh its not. LMAO

Rubi F (kr) wrote: JENNIFER ANISTON!!!!!!

Cheri H (ag) wrote: Absolutely fucking amazing. Not usually my type of film, some odd parts for me, but that's the film and it wouldn't make sense without them. Left me wanting more.

Robert C (de) wrote: A perfect epilogue to a wonderful series.

Isaiah R (ru) wrote: Shante Smith is the #1 advice giver to everyone she knows, and she knows better than anyone how to deal with relationship problems. She knows the tricks and the moves to keeping a relationship good. For Shante Smith, there's a certain way of doing things in order to keep yout man in check. This is the whole idea of Two Can Play That Game, starring Vivica A. Fox as the quick advice giver and Morris Chestnut as the man who proves to surpass her mind-games. Interesting idea, but it doesn't play out as well as you would hope. I thought this movie was alright, but it just doesn't work too much as a romantic-comedy. Some parts were funny, like the scene where Vivica A. Fox and her friends talk about their relationships, like when Mo'Nique says her dude got a lead pipe, and the scene where Mo'nique(or Diedre in the film) wants to " yank Keith's neck", but other than that and a couple of parts the movie isn't laugh out loud funny. Mo'Nique really saved the film by giving some comic relief. I did like that Vivica A. Fox talked to the audience while the movie progressed. The acting was pretty good and Vivica A. Fox was especially appeealing. It's alright for what it's worth, althought it might have worked better as a mockumentary-comedy with a smarter script and a better ending. At least the end credits made me laugh. :P

Becky T (us) wrote: Has some distinctly corny moments and one-liners, but was generally an interesting movie to watch

Virgencitoya V (mx) wrote: Una historia muy padre que o se haga realidad

Mario L (es) wrote: A total worthless flick in my opinion...the plot resembled Swiss cheese, the acting was horrid and the fx, even for that time period, didn't even come close to being believable.

Orlok W (nl) wrote: Frenetic, Overplotted Comedy!!

I dont know w (ru) wrote: Looks long, but has a great cast and a nice story.

Risa C (ag) wrote: moondance alexander i watched this move yesterday. it has kay panabaker and lori loughlin in it. it was about a girl and her horse and they win a horse competion that no one thought they would win. i thought that it was a sweet story.