La piovra 9 - Il patto

La piovra 9 - Il patto

A woman investigates the shady dealings between her husband's bank and the mafia. She has a series of secret liaisons with a police captain, once her lover, just to pass on the information,...

A woman investigates the shady dealings between her husband's bank and the mafia. She has a series of secret liaisons with a police captain, once her lover, just to pass on the information,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robin T (nl) wrote: got me thinking about parallels between An Inconvenient Truth and Kony 2012. overall, not as scientific and objective as it wants itself out to be, but an interesting perspective.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Hanley L (au) wrote: complete junk. i want my tour hours back

Alsea A (mx) wrote: To watch if you're still a teenager.

TheScarlatescu R (kr) wrote: low budget but entertaining

Alan L (de) wrote: Designed to cash in on the success of The Exorcist and Rosemary's Baby this film ended up being the final nail in Hammer's coffin. Disastrous WTF ending aside, I really enjoyed it. Atmospherically shot, with some extremely bad taste birth scenes and an 'I can't believe I just saw that' Satanic orgy session! Oh and there's a gloopy bloody devil monster baby that crawls back into a nun's womb! Really yucky. Christopher Lee is mesmerising as the devil worshipping priest. There's also a young Nastassja Kinski (the nun), Richard Widmark, Denholm Elliot and Honor Blackman in a pretty amazing cast. Apparently the script was being rewritten daily on set and it shows. Somehow though its incoherence adds to the mystery... until the end when the filmmakers ran out of time and money and probably collectively said 'Shi*t what do we do now?' The result is bonkers and bollocks.

John Y (nl) wrote: Excellent, excellent John Wayne movie. I heartily recommend it.

(nl) wrote: This was a good film and it works well, but it still lacked some fun action and a few ideas, but besides that, I liked this movie quite a bit and I would just barely consider this a classic.

David C (au) wrote: Fantastic!! if you love Will's writting then by golly, you will love the snot out of this. filmed as if in the theater and not to mention the cast is star studded!!

April V (br) wrote: Awesome! I love that the chick has such an active role in the plot, while her husband is kind of useless.

Jamie I (jp) wrote: In Bruges has everything you ever wanted in a film: midgets, gay beer, "elephants," hitmen, swans, the blood of Jesus Christ, karate chops and alcoves ("alcoves...nooks and crannies"). Colin Farrell, Ray, begins the film with narration telling us that he's going to Bruges. He doesn't even know where Bruges is. (It's in Belgium). The title of the film stems from the fact that not only does the film take place "in Bruges" but the phrase "in Bruges" is uttered numerous times throughout. Might make for a fun drinking game if you're the type. It's hard to put this film in a category. It is a drama? A comedy? Is it a comedy that has some dramatic moments? Is it a drama that has some funny parts. Regardless this film yo-yos between very off color comedy and very serious moments. It's often intertwined. So while you're trying to feel that gut wrenching feeling for Ray he again states the laughter inducing query, people actually like Bruges? That emotional rollercoaster was the only thing that didn't sit well with me. We learned through inferences that Ray has done something terrible. It doesn't take long to learn what he did but yes he did indeed do something terrible. He holes up in Bruges with Ken (Brenden Gleeson) and they are to wait until Harry calls. Ken actually likes Bruges dragging the reluctant Ray on a historical tour. Our first encounter with Harry (Ralph Fiennes), who plays his role from behind the telephone or "inanimate object," is a telegraph littered with the fuck word. "Number one why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be in. You better fucking be in when I fucking call again or they'll be fucking hell to pay. I'm fucking tellin' ya." Harry is cold, ruthless, unfeeling; after all he is a hitman. And when he shows up it is without a doubt for blood. Colin Farrell is known as an actor without much range. Bruges definitely allows Farrell to show us there's more to him as an actor. And despite the fact that there are no likeable characters in this movie Farrell's performance actually makes you care about his character. If you can get past the ill at ease feeling the drama intermixed with comedy give you then I say go see In Bruges especially if you want to see Colin Farrell actually act. Plus, it's fucking funny.

Mohem N (mx) wrote: Just a little mystery and suspense