La promesa

After killing her abusive and unfaithful husband, the religious and schizophrenic housewife Gregoria leaves Madrid and travels to Galicia to visit a church where a stranger told her that ...

. . After killing her abusive and unfaithful husband, the religious and schizophrenic housewife Gregoria leaves Madrid and travels to Galicia to visit a church where a stranger told her that

La promesa is the best movies torrent of Héctor Carré, José Antonio Félez (contributing writer). This movie was introduced in 2004. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, for example Carmen Maura, Ana Fernández, Juan Margallo, Santiago Barón, Evaristo Calvo, Xulio Lago, Luisa Merelas, Antonio F. Simón, Luis Iglesia, Víctor Mosqueira, Chete Lera. Movie' genres are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.2 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie torrents. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Adam R (br)

First and only viewing - Fall 2009). It almost put me to sleep. Extremely boring

AlLeIa C (jp)

hy is it unrated?. .

Amelia L (jp)

Gee, looks like a classic

Brandy L (kr)

love how it all comes together in the end!. My favorite movie prolly in the world, or at least in my top 3! Each story is in itself so smart, funny, and heart wrenching at parts

Brian S (ru)

ecommended !!. An overall very good film. The score is also memorable, which sounds like a crossover between the themes of "Halloween" and "The Exorcist", with also some elements of "Zombi", only to make a creepy theme. This has to be one of the best adaptations from a Stephen King novel, it's well made, has a lot of likeable characters and the car itself must be the most famous car in horror history. A very satisfying John Carpenter classic

Dan H (au)

Good movie, classic

Donna L (kr)

I truly enjoyed watching this movie. I'm glad I watched it and didn't listen to the negative comments on here

Eldin B (ru)

But solitude only makes you wither. So you seek oblivion in solitude. They're an unwelcome distraction. . . They. They cloud your vision, they're a meaningless crowd. like extras. . . Those people are like. Giraudoux said, you can miss a single being, even though you are surrounded by countless others. But everything else just keeps on going. And if you lose that someone, you think everything else is gonna stop too. who requires all the love you have, to give. . . And sometimes you meet someone. You love, uh, places, animals, people, memories, food, literature, music. "Well, you don't love life itself

Gregory H (mx)

t all the way but close!. . . John Hughes wannabe

Johnny T (br)

or 3 stars). (Films that are rated 2. If you consider cinema, ask for people's opinion on the film. This rating says buy an ex-rental or a cheap price of the DVD to own. VERDICT: "In The Zone" - [Mixed Reaction] These kinds of movies are usually movies that had some good things, but some bad things kept it from being amazing. The answer: not that bad. Thankfully this film doesn't look for too many answers, and leaves us undecided as it closes as to how bad of a film it really is. The special effects are limited but are enough to carry the story through. There are no blood and guts and the film is made all the better for this, by not taking away from the severity of the situation with gore used just to shock, which is done so much with today's horror. The movie can be slow at times, especially with today's movie savvy audience, but is always tense and genuinely creepy, as a true ghost/horror story should be. A lengthy, sometimes painful film that manages to find a few shocks left unplucked by The Exorcist, turning the special effects from the usually-tame invisibility sub-genre to it's own nefarious ends. Seen here at the top of her game, the deeply beautiful Hershey especially goes the extra few yards for her agonized performance. Though reviled upon its original release, The Entity is in hindsight quite interesting, especially for the way it doesn't wear it's based-on-a-true story claim on its sleeve