La pulquería 2

La pulquería 2


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Hillary D (kr) wrote: There were several interwoven plots that somehow ultimately resulted in finding 11yr old Christie. Jerry, a dismissed police cadet, ended up being a hero after all!

D M (it) wrote: A very good documentary about the no-bid contracts companies like Blackwater have been awarded. The kind of stuff that has been happening for years, what Eisenhower warned us about, but is never fully investigated as I believe there is a third wing to that collusion - media.

Brian L (it) wrote: Great cinematography and haunted house aesthetics, but both begin to grate before the movie's midpoint. It's scare-free all through and a mess by the overwrought conclusion.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: It's on comedy central occasionally, but it's not the greatest movie ever. There's a couple recognizable faces, and it's interesting enough to entertain. And who hasn't ever thought about selling drugs to pay for tuition? I know I have.

Willard M (nl) wrote: HeadSpace (2005) Director: Andrew van den HoutenWriter: Troy McCombs There is always a certain urge, controllable, yet always persistent in everyday thoughts that deviates from the norm, sets itself at a distance and realizes the ridiculousness of common event. The urge, it takes it's shape as a distortion, an unrealistic fascination that changes our perception of a constant moment. This quandary of the human mind is a focus of the horror genre. It takes a lot of guts, so to say, to step into the horror genre, but not a lot of wit. Anyone is capable of tricking someone else, easy to pop out behind a closed door, simple even to cue the wolf's howl on a dark moonlit night. The movies, then, that truly stand out in horror, are those that not only stay on a well-founded formula, but continue the internal analytic deviation in the voyeur's eyes by stretching the limits of what is believable. Then, there are the movies, such as Houten's HeadSpace, starring Christopher Denham, that go and above and beyond the dilemna of how to make a monster unbelievably horrific, but to make the story real, to take back that previously forsaken realm of storytelling. Without abandoning the human emotions of empathy, sympathy, and character attachment, HeadSpace delivers a full force horror entourage. The most actually interesting thing about the story, aside from the numerous sub-plots, is that the story on paper, might even sound believable for a moment. The only thing bringing us away from the dangerous precipice of the "normal" belief suspension commonly used in film, is that it is indeed, only a movie. The story follows Alex, a mid-20's inner city male. The striking yet correlated traits of confused innocence, uncouth arrogance, selfless helplessness, stand out amongst the youthful characters he surrounds himself with. He is a homesitter, and artist, who collects unemployment, and drinks himself silly some nights, while still maintaining certain hidden truths about his life and future. The trouble begins one day while playing chess in the park, but by the time the story ends, we're taken into a world where we are all just pawns to a game of life and death played in realms we do not belong. My advice for approaching this film, is to pay attention to nuance. The dialogue is phenomenol for character development, the most crucial part of a horror/slasher film, and the plot that intertwines religion with metaphysics and science, is genius, but don't forget to watch everything else. The score is great, although not the best, and the cinematography is simple and effective. "Checkmate." HeadSpace (2005) Producer: Marius KerdelActors: Christopher Denham, Erick Kastel, Mark Margolis, Olivia Hussey, Udo KierScore: Ryan ShoreCinematographer: William M. MillerEditor: Edwaldo Baptiste 10/10 *****UPON REPEATED VIEWING: THE MOVIE IS NOW CONSIDERED A 9/10*****

vanessa s (de) wrote: nice sinematography !!!!!!!

Gavin H (ag) wrote: Foreign English teachers in Korea will easily find this charmingly goofy and enjoyable.

Andrew R (fr) wrote: A watchable film about the art world, pretty meh overall but John Malkovich, and Steve Buscemi make it a worthwhile film to see.

natalie q (kr) wrote: oh I like this movie alot

Ashley M (de) wrote: It's alright but it's a bit slow for the first half of the movie and the movie looks fake for the most of it

Angie D (kr) wrote: I agree that for those of us who watched this countless times as children, could never forget it because of the serious creepiness of this flick. So f'd up!

Steve S (us) wrote: ***1/2 (out of four) A sentimental and loving look at motherhood without being overly melodramatic. George Stevens strikes just the right tone. Irene Dunne plays the mother of a family if Dutch immigrants who settle in 1910 San Francisco. The oldest daughter (Barbara Bel Geddes) fondly reminisces about various situations where her mother came through in difficult problems. Dunne is wonderful in the lead, but the entire cast comes through.

James C (it) wrote: Dolph vs The Mighty Trevor Goddard. If you don't like this film then you're a faggot and a communist.