La punta del diablo

La punta del diablo

A surgeon from Buenos Aires, wearied by personal problems and the endless cycle of work, leaves for a week's skiing vacation in the south. Instead, on impulse, he follows a young hitchhiker to a small fishing village, Devil's Point, in the north, on the coast of Uruguay. He makes fleeting acquaintance with some of the villagers, and learns that "the only thing to do in winter is to wait for summer".

A surgeon from Buenos Aires, wearied by personal problems and the endless cycle of work, leaves for a week's skiing vacation in the south... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James L (ag) wrote: Incredible documentary with some of the best camerawork of any outdoor adventure I've seen.....makes me want to ride !

Terri H (nl) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Allie R (kr) wrote: One of Megan Mullally's best performances!

Jeff S (gb) wrote: I didn't rate this so I must have clicked on it accidentally. Pretty good movie, though.

Heather A (ca) wrote: it's sad but true it brings back the fear that I felt when my ma my dog and my grandma were all diagnosed with cancer

Jeff R (it) wrote: abby is a blaxploitation rip-off of The Exorcist, it's a funny take on demonic possession and William Marshall best known for his role as Blacula puts in a good performance of his own. My final word: The film is not released on VHS Or DVD, I obtained this film through connections

Tico P (gb) wrote: Udo Kier stars in this one as a Romanian count on the quest for virgin blood. Pronounced "wheregin". He fails over and over , consuming the blood of the nymphomaniac daughters of a wealthy aristocrat. 70's porn star Joe Dallesandro does the good work corrupting the daughters virginities here. The count gets physically ill after each of the daughters blood consumption, almost like a junkie craving a fix. The film could be viewed as an anti drug propaganda message in my opinion. The acting is preposterous and outrageous. It is beautifully shot but poorly edited. The costumes, locations and music are a real treat. Making this a fantastically beautiful and morbid experience. Often claimed as an Andy Warhol film, which is is not a fact. Warhol just put up some of the money for the production. Roman Polanski has a cameo as a gambling, wine drinking peasant which is a nice touch. A wine and cheese film for the twisted.

Carlos Z (de) wrote: The usual complaint, too short.

Shaun B (it) wrote: Produced by Roger Corman and stars a sexily clad Caroline Monro and even The Hoff has a part in this B-movie ripoff of Star Wars. I really wished it could have worked IS a so-bad-it's-good but it's also so-tepid-it'll-put-you-to-zzzzzz. ZZzzzZzzzmm whaa where was I?Oh yeah, this movie has potential but I don't care enough to really put the effort into watching this unless it's late at night and it's on the TV and I can't find the remote. Effing remote, every time. HOW MANY HOURS OF MY LIFE HAVE I LOST TO LOST REMOTES?

Sharmin D (ca) wrote: I rather liked this on a number of levels. Think it's been far underrated.

CJ C (ru) wrote: The story was a bit of a muddle, but suspenseful with some good effects. Not really a horror either, more of a ghost/gothic nightmare story.The story problems were explained by the following: "Director Francis Ford Coppola had originally intended the film as a type of "live editing" experiment using groundbreaking digital editing technology. Coppola intended to act as a sort of conductor during every screening of the film, lengthening or shortening scenes and even changing plot elements depending on the audience response. This caused long delays in the film's release and ultimately proved impractical, forcing Coppola to do a locked edit of the film, integrating elements from all various permutations of the story."--IMDB.Note: the boat decapitation scene in the movie reflects how FFCoppolas son was killed in real life. Creepy.

James T (it) wrote: A neat thriller, tense enough to keep you glued to the screen. Solid acting, particularly from O'Connell, also includes a bit of rekindled chemistry from Clooney and Roberts making it a worthwhile watch.