La quimera del oro negro

La quimera del oro negro


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1980
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La quimera del oro negro torrent reviews

Mackenie M (kr) wrote: Couldn't even finish it; it was so bad

Greg E (it) wrote: Another great Korean movie. Has you on the edge of your seat.

Adrian B (mx) wrote: Even the acting prowess of Ray Liotta cannot stop this shambles of a movie

Emalee A (jp) wrote: I've seen nothing but bad reviews for this movie (which probably makes you wonder why I watched it in the first place) despite the "critical acclaim", but it isn't horrible. In fact, I liked it in a way, although its VERY slow paced and the acting is not so great...I'm still debating that ending...tragic indeed, although it probably could have been done better.

Lora R (jp) wrote: Watchable, but far from good or scary.

Hannah M (de) wrote: Despite a whole lot of awkward dubbing, this manages to be a pretty entertaining homage to Hitchcock, both with overt references and quieter ones. I'm not very familiar with Argento's work, but I enjoyed this. A satisfying little thriller.

George C (br) wrote: Having the flu allows me to return to some random titles (or crap) in amongst my DVD collection, some of which I have looked at lately include DOA and both Charlies Angels movies. While in some ways I see these as a kinda trilogy (obviously not related), DOA may lack the big A-listers and comedy, but its action, fight sequences, and stars give much more entertainment than Drew Barrymore's ego rides. HK legend Cory Yuen has given us some amazing work in his career, and taking what he has to work with in DOA he still gives us an entertaining 90 minutes. The girls give it their all, Kane Kosugi and Colin Chou rock as usual, and the overall eye-candy-no-brainer is fun. Sure, it doesn't make sense, but its based on a game and is still better than a lot of big studio action flicks! Enjoyable...

Janice V (nl) wrote: A brilliant film that takes you behind the scenes in a war zone in such a vivid way you almost forget it's a movie not a documentary. Well worth seeing.

Jason Y (us) wrote: Just rent it from netflix. Its so great.

J G (gb) wrote: Killer Klowns from Outer Space was the 4th movie in our 31 nights of horror. I've seen this cult classic many, many times but my girlfriend had never experienced it's wonder. This cinematic marvel is so terrible that it transcends from "B-movie" into something more, something so bad it's amazing. Killer Klowns is intentionally campy and their low budget paired with unknown, overacting stars perfectly compliments the kitsch. The special effects are sub-par, the acting is akin to a television soap opera, and the plot is the opposite of original. What makes this movie brilliant is that all of these "cons" were done on purpose to give the viewer a a hilarious good time. The makeup used for the titular characters is what really makes this film stand out. The Klowns are beyond disturbing in their appearance and demeanor, they are genuinely creepy in every sense of the word. This flick would have been just another forgettable bad movie if not for the amazing Klowns and the the Chiodo Brothers razor sharp, tongue-in-cheek wit. The only part that I really never liked was how the hero defeated the Boss Klown. I mean c'mon, police badges are not that sharp! 5 out of 5 stars.

John Y (us) wrote: Extremely crude and rude while at the same time being extremely funny.

Harry W (kr) wrote: As Honey dresses Jessica Alba up in a tanktop and has her dance enough to bouncer her upper body around enough, it can be safe to assume that Honey's sole source of praise will come from elements of visual appeal, by which I mean Jessica Alba's sex appeal.That's essentially a safe assumption because as predicted Honey is merely another generic dance flick which holds nothing but skin deep visual appeal to its viewers. It has no interesting story which it clearly borrows from Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo only without being solely focused on breakdancing. For the right viewer, Honey would be almost inspiring at best. Almost. Emphasis on that word.Honey contains a decent soundtrack, some minorly uplifting dance numbers and an attractive lead from Jessica Alba, but aside from that there is nothing much more to appeal. I mean, its well filmed and well editied and such, but its plot and script and generic and bland, as is its lead Jessica Alba. Like I said, she?s attractive and all, and she can dance well but her line delivery is like some kind of 16 year old girl babysitting, convincing the child she is watching to have fun and telling the parents that she is good at her job. There is no real feel that she is anything more than just another actress told to look good and dance for the cameras, and had she not starred in more high-profile films that?s exactly what she would have become. Honey depicts largely what Jessica Alba is all about, for better or for worse.David Moscow does not in the slightest manage to convince me that he is in fact a music video director. I could believe that he thinks he is, but that is in no way good enough to constitute casting him.So there is nothing to impress in terms of casting, and the entirety of Honey is shallow with lacklustre writing and a poor directional effort from Bille Woodruff who clearly had learned no talents beyond music videos and should no longer bother trying.