La raíz del mal

La raíz del mal

Men are brutally murdered, while the women are kidnapped and taken to the depths of the forest where they take part in a bloody ritual.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:doctor,   mother,   village,  

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La raíz del mal torrent reviews

George C (mx) wrote: Quite enjoyed this thriller with the fantastic Anthony Wong. Very polished and gripping enough, the film is well acted with some tense action scenes. Worth watching!

Ethan R (fr) wrote: I had a hard time connecting with the characters and themes. It seemed to me to be a movie that is meant for the idealistic, fairly naive, young 20's hippie backpacker crowd. It is a bit off-putting that the female lead is not Khmer. Another issue is that you need to speak English, German, and Khmer to really follow everything. The good parts are the scenery and the camerawork in bustling city shots.

Desmond R (es) wrote: British political black comedy


Jim N (us) wrote: Really good for a documentary.

Patrick W (br) wrote: This movie was just not that great. Script was pretty flat and the film was just not that entertaining. The effects, especially with Johnny Storm, were pretty good but that was about it. Julian McMahon as Victor Von Doom was about as good as the acting got and that's not saying much.

David W (us) wrote: Crazy good B movie fun. Terrible plot and acting, but still worth a watch. An early Seth Green performance.

Konrad A (mx) wrote: Not entertaining for me but I did think there where funny moments but at the same time there is swearing witch is not good. But not great I think.

Augustina S (ru) wrote: "Now, Voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find . . ." A romantic film with a lovely message about finding yourself and freeing yourself from other people's expectations. Includes the famous double-cigarette trick and the iconic "don't let's ask for the moon" quote, and features both a de-glammed and glamorous Bette Davis (really, who doesn't love a good movie makeover?). Funnily enough, thick eyebrows and large-framed glasses are quite in-vogue now, but somehow the transformation doesn't lose any of its power. I do have a few qualms about equating "ugliness" with mental unwellness, but all the same it's a classic and a sheer pleasure to watch.

Ibraheem M (it) wrote: Skinwalkers fails to imitate classic Werewolf films and features very poor performances.

Don S (mx) wrote: Almost a complete rip-off of I Know What You Did Last Summer. Some really healthy looking ladies in the party scenes, and the main actresses aren't ad either. The acting is average, but there is nothing unique or unusual here to distinguish it from any of the other horror movies of the same type.

Mister C (jp) wrote: One of the few underrated films of the early 1980's that went unnoticed. This one,among the rarest that a major studio release that enthusiastically portrays America's Old Left,though in this particular story,gloom naturally trumps the enthusiasm. Inspired by the controversial 1953 execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg for allegedly passing atomic bomb secrets to the Soviets,director Sidney Lumet's 1983 movie of E.L. Doctorow's fictionalized The Book of Daniel(screenplay by the author),deals primarity with the effect of family notoriety on children. One offspring(Amanda Plummer) is institutionalized,while the other(Timothy Hutton) is a less obvious head case prone to caustic outbursts. With powerful childhood flashbacks,an ill-received(which got mixed reviews for the critics at the height of its release) movie that Lumet,himself regarded as one his best as weathered a quarter-century well remains a bonafide 80's masterpiece of briliant cinema.