La regenta

La regenta

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Clarín, which narrates the difficulties of Ana Ozores to adapt to the sordidness of life in Vetusta, a provincial city of northern Spain inspired ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1975
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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La regenta torrent reviews

Gustavo T (us) wrote: A very Spanish (i.e. creative, intriguing, bold) approach to the original tale. Certainly feels like something from the silent era. The narrative transitions and the ending could have been better though.

Robin T (us) wrote: Everyone must see this documentary with their sons and daughters! Women are portrayed as sexualized objects in the media which sets up young girls to feel that they can't live up to these ideals. This lack of self esteem permeates all levels of society resulting in a dearth of women in positions of leadership and power. Hopefully, this movie will raise awareness and empower young women to lean into their power and bring their gifts to the world.

Valerie V (mx) wrote: Three guys end up stuck in the middle of nowhere with some men that like to eat human meat. The movie is very gruesome and shows a lot of blood and gust. The ending is horrible.

Max G (de) wrote: Turned it off after 15 mins... Dross big time!

Danyella G (kr) wrote: This movie was great, and it really has a purpose. I also got to meet the director!!!

Carlos I (ca) wrote: Mostly just a lazy rehash of the first movie, but there are some cute, funny moments spread throughout.

Connie P (de) wrote: Beautifully filmed with a fantastic cast, Shattered Glass does not break or show any cracks.

Spencer S (ca) wrote: One of the seminal Blaxploitation films of the seventies, and one of the highest rated, Foxy Brown is still fresh, interesting, and historically stimulating. This, the second collaboration between director and writer Jack Hill and actress Pam Grier since Coffy, this send up to the first film holds much more acclaim for its racy outfits, sexual innuendo, and constant gritty appeal. Starring Pam Grier in the femme role of Foxy Brown, a woman without any training or position of power, who goes after a large drug and prostitution organization for the murder of her boyfriend, who died at their hands. Usually Blaxploitation paints these criminals as the protagonists, running from the crooked police forces, trying to make themselves a living in the despondent ghettos. Here the cartels are all white men and women, sadistic and cruel, so evil that they intentionally corrupt the black community with racial slurs and punishments befitting the very fabric of our nightmares. Foxy herself goes undercover in the organization that her brother snitches on her to, so she can find the big boss, ruin his business, and kill every jive turkey she can get her flamethrower on. Posing as a prostitute and infiltrating the den of the head Madame, Foxy saves another black woman from the exploitative service, and then goes through her own battles with the drug syndicate, sex slavery ring, and other insidious peoples. It's a very straightforward and lewd film, which includes arson, rape, castration, and a number of human indignities you can only imagine. These acts aren't quite as vivid and in your face as in some of today's films, and are all veiled in Motown songs blaring in the background and dissolves to the next scene before any seedy business can be unearthed. Pam Grier is stealthy, while being sexy, straddling the line between laughably lame with her clumsy king fu moves and succubus level seduction. Even today it's a simple story of revenge and reconciliation, and I highly recommend seeing this for the pleasure of it, as well as becoming acquainted with the genre.

Christopher B (jp) wrote: When you haven't seen it for a while, it's hard to remember much about this film other than how tired they all look.

Erin W (au) wrote: Animation is great, but plot is dumb and I can't get over how much the old lady alien looks like E.T.

Eliabeth M (ag) wrote: Good movie a bit boring in parts but I liked the cast!

Dan O (au) wrote: The critics and reviewers must have been on drugs when they rated this. Kathy convinced me to watch this, and it was a really great little Christmas movie! Yeah, it's an ABC After School special, but it's a really good one.