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La ruta del bakalao


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Private U (au) wrote: In actual fact, Falafel is a traditional Lebanese fastfood. The movie is about the life of a young Lebanese man Tevfik,his relationships with his family,friends and love affairs .A section of his life that he travels with his motorbike in the Beirut Streets in a summer evening and what happened is staged in the movie. The film actually tells about the post-war Beirut and eccentricities of it. I hope I have a chance to watch this beatiful and candid film over again.

Jack C (it) wrote: Metallica sure had a lot going on at this rough time, and I'll be damned if it didn't make wonderful viewing, even if that is from a biased fan's point of view.

Janet A (kr) wrote: its soooo cool and full of action!

Chinarut R (au) wrote: the animation is done well and certainly different in style from western or japanese anime. i can't say i was able to follow the storyline completely - honestly think i might give it a better rating if i watch it again.

kyo 9 (es) wrote: a movie full of affairs and taboo relationships.. the ending was laughable..

William C (es) wrote: Grade:Low 6/10Never Say Never Again is a Bond spin off that although does not live upto the main series in anyway still manages to be alright and withConnery back albeit not at his past best, he still provides some of thethings that made James Bond one of the household names of Cinema. Ifelt with this being the remake of Thunderball, maybe they will just dothe exact same film but I was wrong and this is a... different way oftaking the story, good to watch though, I felt it was kind of OK, andhere is why below.The story is of course Thunderball and the reason it is different inthe way it is done is because they bring modern twists to it but alsochange the entire location and I respected it for that(even if forbetter or worse). The story is long and drawn out and one the reasonsthis doesn't get higher rated although I will say it never strays fromwhat Bond is all about, it just lacks that certain fun and excitementwe are so often promised. Finally on the plot you can see with Bondageing, they give it a little build up where you feel they brought Bondout of retirement, this is good to see and as it can explain why suchan old man is still performing well as a special agent.Connery is never as good as his past movies but gives this a good tryand although he never makes that effort anymore than average, he stillhas the signs that so many love him for. I did feel acting in thiswasn't so great and enjoying the overall plot hid the poor acting seenat times, Kim Basinger is one example as although I have seen worstBond girl, she doesn't really get into the role well and neverestablishes character. Klaus Maria Brandauer in the return of Largo isOK and accompanies Connery well as the protagonist and antagonistrespectively .I felt the writing was poor and never gets stuck into the story, itfeels as if they are showing us that we already know what happened inthe film so the script just doesn't matter. I did enjoy the stunts doneand although maybe crazy, they are nowhere near as crazy as some ofRoger Moore's at the same time as this movie, I did however think theyshould have had more and missed opportunities or cut down the time toavoid them.I think I have summed anything really wrong about this movie but onerecurring thing that starts to nag away at you is just this, this justisn't like the main series of Bond and even slight little differencesmake a big change to what we usually see from Bond. It lacks the humourthat Bond's around the late 70's, early 80's had and even the funnyperformance of Rowan Atkinson doesn't make this any funnier, althoughyou may prefer it without humour so it could be OK.Bond fans I do feel may be disappointed by this, and whether true 007fans consider this part of Bond's series of film that is up to themindividually but they probably won't like this that much, but it isn'tbad. Those who enjoy a good man tries to saves girl kind of action filmand a villain who is kind of pure evil you will enjoy this as that isliterally what it is on the tin, if you also like adventure also watchit as this is full of adventure and possibly one of the most travellingBond's ever.Overall I give this a low 6/10 meaning a Firmly Pretty OK movie, I saidbefore this isn't a bad movie but is far from good also, little bitschip away at it throughout but if you try to watch it from a fun crimeadventure perspective then you will enjoy it. I also think if you watchthis with a love for Bond it is much better as it contains all the Bondtrademarks( bar the theme tune and openings etc) and it shows a Bond wehave of course seen before, Connery Bond fans I couldn't recommend thismore.

Alan P (jp) wrote: Another alien abduction movie, not that strange.

Arnold S (de) wrote: I thought this was a good movie

Blake H (ca) wrote: I remember watching this film about 10 years ago and really enjoying it. I remember it being a fairly serious WWII movie with a hint of the boys-own adventure of films such as 'Force 10 From Navarone' and 'Where Eagles Dare'. Hudson is charismatic and the pace doesn't slow down much at all.

Aj V (jp) wrote: Just by reading the synopsis on here, you can tell this movie involves a very complicated love story. I think it's a bit too complicated. It's an okay movie, but it's not great.

Jens S (ag) wrote: Really entertaining and charming fairy tale adventure that only suffers from the massive use of CGI. Especially the giants would have worked much better as real actors filmed in forced perspective. That doesn't mean there is plenty to enjoy here, though.

Typh V (es) wrote: Wail-a-ree! Marilyn Monroe showed her acting prowess! Worth the watch!