La sangre iluminada

La sangre iluminada


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:La sangre iluminada 2007 full movies, La sangre iluminada torrents movie

Six characters narrate their complex existence through his slides from one to another body, to form a network of shared memories and experiences. The need to explain this strange condition connects them via objects, messages and memories. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La sangre iluminada torrent reviews

TraCee C (nl) wrote: it was awesome there was a twist ending

Scott K (de) wrote: Beautifully acted French film about how the suicide of the main character, a man who seems to have it all (good job, loving family, etc.) effects the world around him.

Rodney E (es) wrote: I bought this for a dollar and while I could have gotten other things for a dollar, this is ok. I have since sold it to a resale shop. It's a totally bland and typical whogivesashit movie..There's a caper. There's Woody Harrelson trying to nap smooth thievin Pierce Brosnan who chills around with the Hayek. The action or sequences didn't really stand out. About the only thing that stands out is the Hayek. I forgot how Don Cheadle figured into this though.

Joann B (au) wrote: i love this movie this is a total lovong movie

Jurney R (us) wrote: It's a great movie to watch!!!

MeLany C (fr) wrote: Loved it. Scarry scarry scarry

Geoffrey L (fr) wrote: Best naval battle story (in my opinion, of course), and a great movie! I remember seeing this at a local theatre when I was a kid - I was blown away by the "Sensurround Sound"!

Sancar S (ag) wrote: The best and early Polanski.

Samuel M (ru) wrote: Una de esas obras olvidadas del terror y de la mano de una de las figuras ms interesantes del gnero: Clive Barker.El seor de las Ilusiones tiene muchos problemas, pero sin embargo tiene un encanto especial gracias a Scott Bacula y su interpretacin, a ese uso del film noir decadente del oeste americano, y a una mitologa propia que es nica y fresca.De obligada visin para los fans de Barker.

Samuel M (ca) wrote: La segunda encarnacin de Ryan no es tan fantstica como la primera, o lo que sera la tercera. Quizs mi problema con esta pelcula est demasiado centrada en Ryan y en su familia, por lo que la trama es menos pica. Personalmente disfruto ms cuando la situacin es tan grande que parece que va a desbordar a Ryan, ya que as nos podemos identificar mucho ms con l.Aun as, desde el punto de vista flmico, es una pelcula fantsticamente realizada, y su tramo final es muy trepidante y est fantsticamente rodado.

Red L (jp) wrote: There was a part that made me think they were copying Lord of the Rings with Snow White playing the part of Frodo. I was not too impressed with the movie.