La sconosciuta

La sconosciuta


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1921
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La sconosciuta torrent reviews

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 (2004) Twisted THRILLER/ MYSTERY One time officer Jessica (Ashley Judd)whose being promoted to be inspector by Commissioner John Mills played by Samuel Jackson whose also the same person who raised her after her parents death. But upon moving to a new police station, people she's associated with are soon found to be dead with the only thing they all have in common was that she's had one night stands with each of them on previous occasions making it seem like she's the only culprit. Another Ashley Judd role where she's often portrayed as the victim whether she's a cop or otherwise, linked to mishaps started with "Double Jeopardy", "Eye Of The Beholder" and "High Crimes" that if watched enough of them can seem repititive. 1 out of 4

Jessica H (ca) wrote: lightly interesting, with bad acting. the nding is the interesting part.

Marion M (us) wrote: There are 2 versions -- we have seen both. Different slants but equally compelling love stories.

Manisha D (mx) wrote: I still don't know how I feel about this film, that's how good it is

Jon O (de) wrote: Top movie, reminds me of my childhood years

Cathy N (mx) wrote: fun, fun fun! Love the addition of Tony Randall in this cast.

Leonard D (es) wrote: An improvement over the last film, and it's really creepy, and nasty, but there is still something missing here in order to make this a satisfying sequel to the first movie!

Matthew W (ag) wrote: This is one of my favorite Eddie Murphy movies.Eddie and Arsenio both play several characters and crush it.

Mike V (de) wrote: Walt Disney was ahead of his time in may ways when he produced these animations set to music. While the narration scenes are awkward, there are some beautiful and memorable moments here, especially Mickey's the Sorcerer's Apprentice. You will be swept away to another world. 1001

Guillaume H (it) wrote: I went toward it in dread of a bad shmaltzy Usa rethread. Instead, i got a classic for the ages (but with the overabundance of available ''products'' these days, it unfortunately kind of went under the radar). Forget that its the remake of a swedish movie made barely 2years prior; its really a new visual reading of one novel. Every single frame is exquisite, the narrative construction is carefully laid out and paced with a bull's eye for every point and the acting from everyone is just perfect (its one those rare movies starring kids thats a blast thanks to how good they are, like Goonies, Stand by me and Stranger Things). I never cared much for love stories but this one is so dreamy, it comes as a surprise each time the tight suspense and effective bloodshed pops back in. I know some will say its blasphemy but I find it superior to the original (which was excellent itself but not as great); its more propulsive, much warmer, more tender yet more taut.