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Ryan V (ca) wrote: It's actually really good. The visuals are really bad, but the plot maintains a great degree of suspense, character development, and cohesion. Much better than Prometheus.

Neil S (au) wrote: A romantic comedy starring Eric Cantona... There is no way on Earth this should work!! However, it's a pleasing well acted, very well written little comedy which has a very clever/vicious little twist.

Paul C (jp) wrote: This was sad. Combining the two movies was an interesting idea. It was nice to see some of the puppets, but they didn't have them all. Then they gave them this upgrade that was really cheesy. Corey Feldman did a HORRIBLE acting job. Some of the worst acting I have seen in a long time. I really wanted to expect more from this film. But nothing happened.

Cody H (de) wrote: A good film, with fun characters who really drive the plot.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 1/3/2016: Meh. I liked Slater in this role and as far as 80's action comedies go this is ok. Slater is witty, but everything else is lacking, with the exception of Milla's beauty.

(gb) wrote: wow! i think that it really takes alotfor me to truely hate a movie, i mean i have invested 2 hours of my life into trying to enjoy it, 2 hours i'll never get back! not only does this movie have nothing to do with Drew Barrymore's character , all it is , is some kid driving around america going to gas stations and having some of the lame-est not to mention disturbing mis adventures! AND THEN!!!! just when you thought it couldn't suck anymore"!!! IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW This movie is one massive hemeriod, of trying-to-be deep, coming of age , loss of innocene, on the ass of modern cinima........i think i've made my point and hopefully saved you some pain.....unless like me , you get a kick out of watching pure suck-terror !

Abbie G (de) wrote: one of those stars is for molly's hair.

Andy G (kr) wrote: Kid cannabis is a true story about a young nerdy kid the moves to Canada and becomes a big marijuana drug dealer up there and all the problems he deals with selling the drugs. B- (2014)