La sentencia

La sentencia

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Mira Mohd S (fr) wrote: a perfect example of a interesting concept gone haywire due to cheap thrills & poor direction...feel sorry for the lead pair as their efforts have been wasted..the brilliant background score is the best part of this flick...

Joanne B (gb) wrote: Paula was ok. Movie was not.

Tishka F (fr) wrote: The soundtrack outdid the movie and will probably stay with me longer ...

Joetaeb D (fr) wrote: The possession is too terribly cliched and unoriginal to resonate with fans of Sam Raimi's previous works and for the norms. But this is overall a decent run of the mill demon flick with creepy frights and technical adequacy that is best suited for those getting started with the genre

Matthew H (kr) wrote: Being a huge Sam Rockwell fan, I can't believe it took me this long to see this film. Wish I had done so sooner! Rockwell delivers another crackling, layered performance and is definitely the glue that keeps the film together - and keeps you glued to the film. It's a funny, dark, offbeat and charming film - but equally unsettling. It has an unusual pace and rhythm which might turn away some viewers, but for those who appreciate something less generic made with an artistic touch, this is a great night's entertainment. Rockwell is still on the top my wish-list to work with.....

Joe M (gb) wrote: One of the best films on the old Cinderella tale. Barrymore is absolutely spectacular.

Lucas M (nl) wrote: Candyman can be predictable at the most obvious times, but the talented acting and psychological twist prove that when Candyman goes in for the surprise scare, it nails it.

Aaron L (ca) wrote: This is the kind of movie that I remembered Chow Yun Fat the most; NOT the cineplex-friendly, Ang Lee flick best known as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon--EXCEPT here, Full Contact showcases what CYF reminds me the most of growing up: the hardcore violent, yet still moralistic hero, in an otherwise nihilistic action movie. But even in its most post-modernistic sensibilities, there's always more than enough room for Chow Yun Fat's Godfrey, showing his better self, despite of how vengeance-crazy he can be with Anthony Wong Chau-Sang's Sam, let alone Simon Yam's flamboyantly gay, sadistic Judge. And oh yeah; the violence is as grungy as the amorality in this Ringo Lam effort: hint, the nasty usage of a switchblade in the initial kukri fight, and subsequently with *SPOILER ALERT!* Chow loosing a couple of his digits--from the same hand he used in that knife fight! Yikes! So if you're looking for another romantic, wuxia sweeping epic, keep looking... 'cause you won't see Zhang Ziyi doing anything like a cabaret striptease (albeit with a lot of imagination required), let alone having Michelle Yeoh acting like a ho-queen, inquiring Chow if there's any holes in her unmentionables.*and oh yeah, have Chow respond by saying that he thought he saw something like crabs vomitting or foaming around the edges! A date movie this ain't!

Daniel B (mx) wrote: One Ken Russell's finest. Great imagery. He uses Karajan's recordings of Mahler for the soundtrack & fine they are too.

William W (us) wrote: Oh, had this been made a few years prior, when Mifune was in his prime! Still a great and enjoyable plate of (bloodied) hash I'd be proud to eat any day. But hold off on those poisoned rice balls that thankfully Zatoichi missed out on--just saying.

G Brandon H (mx) wrote: Great Woody Allen flick

Matthew H (us) wrote: Liked the movie a lot

Gary M (br) wrote: thoroughly enjoyed this jumpy suspense thriller. great cast. great ending.