La silla de Fernando

La silla de Fernando

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:actor,   interview,   theater,  

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La silla de Fernando torrent reviews

Private U (mx) wrote: A nice, although not very original film. However, it is worth watching it, and it really shows how people dream and how they can make their dreams come true.

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Mad M (de) wrote: Not good. The first half of the movie is straight filler. The lead is severely underwhelming. It's like a scifi movie tried to go legit, but left behind the best part about scifi movies - ?B-movie cheese and steady action.

Miguel R (it) wrote: while i normally don't let low production values get in the way of me enjoying a film - i simply couldn't get over this one. plus the story moved a tad too slow for my taste, and i was never really emotionally invested in any of the characters. i have read rumors of a possible big budget hollywood remake...whether or not that will be a good thing, i don't know...the premise is cool, but i think they could have done a way better job with the actual filming. visually, the camera never really adds any depth. it's like watching a home movie, with slightly less ugly people.

Michael H (ru) wrote: The kind of movie I'd make, if I made movies...For anyone who ever did temp or office work...

TheMumblelover (de) wrote: Too much narration and not enough spoken dialogue for the animals to get the power of this satire across and this make's it a disappointing film.

Fabrcio M (ru) wrote: it is really repulsive, a terrible experience.

Anthony W (es) wrote: Probably my favourite Mark Dacascos film. Considering its low budget and time it took to film, it's pretty good, with awesome action scenes and fights. Try to watch the Director's Cut as the other version loses a lot of the original film's heart.

wade s (mx) wrote: Enjoyable film from the era when Humphrey could only get roles playing hoods and psychotic gangster types. He performs the role well of course, but we all know he turned out to be capable of so much more. Leslie Howard is the lead in this film and turns in an admirable performance. It is certainly worth a watch, but not anywhere near the top of "must see" Humphrey Bogart films.

Ruut K (nl) wrote: The eyes... They're so intense.

Eolapaloe Z (br) wrote: untuk ukuran cerita film bernuansa romantic comedy film ini mempunyai cerita yg terbilang cukup unik dan berbobot,,sayangnya bobot dari filmnya kehilangan nyawa dan daya tarik ketika penyajiannya... cerita yg terbilang unik,,kisah cinta seorang script writer dengan asisten pengetiknya yg berjalan searah dengan naskah film yg di tulis oleh karakter utama dalam film,,penyajiannya yg cerita yg bagaikan dua naskah yg di buat berjalan seiring terasa kurang klop..,, terlalu terasa kesan dibuat buatnya..,, entah kenapa?? mungkin di karenakan 2 kisah tersebut terasa tidak saling ada keterkaitan,,,, hanya saja rasa kangen terhadap aktris legenda favorit ku terbayar oleh film ini..,, ciri khas hapburn tidak hilang sama sekali,,,gaya akting yg berkelas,, dengan aksen dialognya yg sangat khas,,,,segala sesuatu yg ada pada dia yg gw kangenin terbayar dengan porsi yg pas di film ini..,,, perasaan cukup puas pun saya dapatkan,,bukan pada cerita,,melainkan pada sang aktris..hahaha

Robert W (ag) wrote: Really liked it very different

Andrew L (br) wrote: I understand why Batman gets such little screentime & dialogue in both Burton's depictions of the Dark Knight. It's a way of portraying his nature - Batman is very secretive & 'lurks in the shadows' rather than bursting under the spotlight seeking attention. However, Keaton's absence from the screen sometimes seems soo drastic that for large portions of time I forgot he was even in the film. Even the brilliant Christopher Walken manages to make himself more memorable than Batman, with a character who never appeared in any of the comics. That is not to take away anything from Keaton, who delivers another level-headed performance, remaining the best Batman/Bruce Wayne before Christian Bale. Ultimately the film takes a step back from it's predecessor & appears quite limp in it's vision & finale (penguins with rockets?). & despite a brilliant & twisted portrayal of The Penguin from DeVito, we all know he is no match for Batman & Burton only prolongs the film till it's inevitable outcome. Catwoman remains the most memorable element of the movie, but her back-story is quickly summed up & with little screentime in comparison with Penguin there is therefore little reason for her being in the film. It is the best of the sequels, but as with Schumacher's poorly realized follow-ups, this fails to match the 1989 original.

tea u (de) wrote: it's nice to have a more relatable and relevant content dressed up in a standard teen comedy/end of high school format. it has some actually funny moments but stands mostly on its balance of addressing issues but without making a big fuss. the somewhat forced plot devices (most of Michael's actions) could use some work. so whilst the plot driven message of "you're gay.... so what?" is quite forced, the intentional 'meta' construction of this ideal through the movie is welcomely received.

Mohammad Z (br) wrote: I only saw this bc Fareed made us lol good times