La soif du monde

La soif du monde

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Alfonso d (us) wrote: This movie is about the guy who stars in "How I met your gay father" because in this movie he plays a gay loser who likes arts and be stuck in college forever. His gayness is evident (spoilers alert) when a beautiful girl of 19 years old offers her virginity, and he excuses with bullshit about the twilight saga, and masks his gayness with morality. Only a gay dude rejects such a beautiful girl, and that's all. Worst movie ever.

John B (ca) wrote: Nice movie & heart-warming family story even if it is on the bizarre side.

Ian G (mx) wrote: Illuminatus and hackers? How can this be wrong?

Curtis b (ru) wrote: The 90's alt crowd....

Dan H (us) wrote: I really don't like how in the end none of the citizens take responsibility for the terrible things they have done, instead saying essentially: It's not my fault, the Devil made me do it. Yeah, well he didn't, you chose to do those terrible things (also yes, the ending is significantly weak and unsatisfying). With that rant out of the way, I'll say that Needful Things is still a silly, campy, fun film with an interesting performance from Max Von Sydow as The Devil (His devil seems like a kindly Grandfather type with sinister intentions).

John R (it) wrote: Although the ideas and production design are decent, George Lucas's first feature film, THX 1138, has not aged well thanks to the mediocre execution and tediously slow pace that make this dystopian sci-fi film an overall uninterestingly bizarre and emotionally empty experience.

Scott R (mx) wrote: Cute romantic comedy.

Carlos M (au) wrote: John Williams and Grace Kelly are surely great, but Ray Milland is fantastic in this sophisticated and intellectually stimulating thriller that fascinates with its witty, impeccably-written dialogue and the intelligent minutiae of everything that can go wrong in a perfect murder.

Sam M (es) wrote: All I can say is it's fun to watch.

Carrie T (gb) wrote: Wreck-it-Ralph is clever, heartfelt, and smart enough to make anyone who watches it to fall in love with it.