La soldatessa alle grandi manovre

La soldatessa alle grandi manovre

Doctor Eva Marini takes up a position at an army base to investigate the sexual behavior of the Italian male soldier and soon finds out she's taken on more than she bargained for.

Doctor Eva Marini takes up a position at an army base to investigate the sexual behavior of the Italian male soldier and soon finds out she's taken on more than she bargained for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Augustine J (fr) wrote: Fully entertaining and commercial movie...The kids have worked their hearts out...Love & romance is shown in a very new light - very refreshing...Has some lessons for the parents, even though slightly sound preachy...Even though the ending is very filmy, its one highly entertaining movie...

Daphne M (ru) wrote: actually a lot better than I thought it would be. Loved that it was straight and to the point.

Lloyd M (ag) wrote: Modern day "The Sting", but even better!!!

Melissa T (ag) wrote: There's a lot of silence in this movie and the plot is non-linear, which makes it increadibly hard to follow. It took me most of the movie just to sort out what was happening now and what was a flashback.

Tomek S (ag) wrote: quite a disturbing image of modern life and very often true to the limits

Katy W (kr) wrote: Love the Bruce Lee suit and those kick-ass moves!

Lauren B (nl) wrote: It was okay when I was younger, but will never beat the Caspar movie with Christina Ricci.

Stanley C (ca) wrote: The best American sci-fi and action movie ever made. Schwarzenegger's strong rough and tough character as Terminator Series 800 combined with timid scared Sarah and John makes one of the most outstanding cinematic casts against an undeniably evil and chemically-advanced villain, the T-1000, using strong special effects. In addition, the inclusion of Miles Dyson getting forced into destroy everything he has been determined to create enhanced the film's plot. This is a superior improvement over the first film, a rare accomplishment in Hollywood. In addition to being an improvement over the 1984 original and being a spectacular action blockbuster all about a little boy trying to save the world with his dangerously noble killer robot bodyguard, Rise of the Machines, Salvation and Genisys have never come close to matching the sheer brilliance and special effects of T2, which will always remain the best American action movie ever, no one can outdo it even if it again stars Schwarzenegger.James Cameron seriously should have prioritized Terminator 3 and 4 over Avatar so that he could have prevented Rise of the Machines and Salvation from taking those positions in favor of better movies.

Justin R (it) wrote: pool 3pist.=:"[email protected]&$

Private U (jp) wrote: An all chong movie, its fun, cheesey, an animation sequence by crumb (awsome). Its about a hippie who never left the sixties and is trying to find his ex wife and his son. Fun flick.

Simon W (fr) wrote: It's all pretty silly and over the top but it's great fun.

Tuomas R (de) wrote: Family Plot ei todellakaan ole aliarvostettu vaan kevyesti Hitcockin huonoimpia. Ei ole hauska vaan pelkstn rsyttv. Ei ole jnnittv vaan vaisu ja tyls. Nyttelijt heikoja Bruce Derni lukuunottamatta mutta se on osittain heikosti kirjoitettujen hahmojen vika. Barbara Harrisin esittm meediohuijari taas hakee rsyttvyydessn vertaistaan. Lisksi kohtaus jossa pparin autosta on leikattu jarrut on kaikessa noloudessaan karseaa katsottavaa. Olisi ollut parempi ett mestarin viimeiseksi elokuvaksi olisi jnyt tt edeltnyt Frenzy.

Brandon S (es) wrote: Before Robert Clouse was typecast as a martial arts director due to Enter the Dragon he made this gem. While a man is fishing with his buddy a gorgeous woman is thrown off a bridge, he saves her but she then tries to take care of some unfinished business. The woman ends up getting killed, now our hero is pissed and determined to get to the bottom of this. Rod Taylor is amazing as the lead, the film screams the 70's and the has enough offbeat dialogue to keep the viewer amused. Great forgotten classic features one of the best finales with a man with a servere case of bald rage.

Thomas P (us) wrote: A delightful film full of great songs.

Kate M (ag) wrote: Cute feel good movie

Jason S (jp) wrote: I didn't care for this. The humor didn't land it's just a very gross film (visually).