La sombra de la muerte

La sombra de la muerte


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La sombra de la muerte torrent reviews

Darren B (gb) wrote: This movie is worth 10 stars! Wow what an awesome awesome - AWESOME movie that reminded me a bit of the classic Stand By Me. One of the best I've seen in sometime!I highly highly recommend this movie!!!

Roberta G (ag) wrote: my baby grabbed the phone and started watching it

Jess M (ca) wrote: The awful filming ruined what could've been a great movie.

Dayna B (it) wrote: Skipped throo this, couldnt watch it all, what a loada crap...low budget ...low low budget pile of rubbish...dont bother watching it!

Jenn T (it) wrote: Well acted, good plot line.

amy s (nl) wrote: this was never released, but i would love to see any part of this movie.

Alan L (ca) wrote: Steve Buscemi, Willem Dafoe, Edward Furlong, Danny Trejo, Seymour Cassel, Mickey Rourke......all of them are great names, but this story doesn't leave them any room to make the movie special. Only John Lurie's awesome music stands out.

Dillon K (fr) wrote: Gun Shy fails to be funny, clever, intelligent, and original. Plenty of on screen talent simply goes to waste with the very week, formulaic script.

Steve G (fr) wrote: Linda Blair pouts and takes on the appearance of a squeezed teabag

Tim K (ru) wrote: Dark, deep, intense...and very good.

Gimly M (br) wrote: White Lightning may not have aged well in the past 40 odd years, but in some ways, that's part of the charm. The start of the Burt Reynolds' "Hick Flick" run, and it has to be noted for that.

Greg W (ru) wrote: dull plodding biblical epic

Mike D (ru) wrote: yet another shit sandwich

Seth M (ag) wrote: OMFG I love James Cagney.