La suerte en tus manos

La suerte en tus manos

A professional poker player seeks out an old flame after his marriage fizzles.

A professional poker player seeks out an old flame after his marriage fizzles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stacey O (kr) wrote: Enjoyable and as expected.

Esteban M (es) wrote: Nice atmosphere aside, this offers no payoff whatsoever, disappointing viewers greatly.

NeNe S (jp) wrote: tttttttttttttoooooooooooo fyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Alvaro Jose S (gb) wrote: Great movie, but is almost the same like the first.

bill s (us) wrote: Gere as Lancelot,what they couldn't get Bobcat Goldthwait for King Arthur?

Jason N (fr) wrote: For this genre and time period in cinema. Predator is a perfect movie. Near perfect if you don't believe in perfection outside of test scores. The pacing, the one liners and the late 80's Arnold charm. A must watch for any film fan and should be regarding highly in the history of modern movies.

aaron a (ca) wrote: "It's like how hot dogs come in packs of 10, and buns come in packs of eight or 12 - you have to buy nine packs to make it come out even." Synopsis: Talking Heads front man David Byrne, composed, directed and stars in this quirky musical journey into the odder side of small-town America. True Stories most certainly has a style all it's own. The film mainly consists of following the narrator around a small texas town with a somewhat dry sense of humor, poking fun at simpletons and their way of life. The humor isn't ugly however, as the jokes seam to be done in a loving manner, which helps the film maintain a pleasant tone. The picture unfortunately is highly repetitive, and the lack of any centralized focus caused the picture to have a somewhat meandering feeling, as if it wasn't sure how to siphon an hour and a half worth out of it's script, it's almost as if the film couldn't wait for the musical numbers, though the music in this picture is quite fun. True Stories may be a rather tame beast, but it's worth your time.

Aldo M (de) wrote: If you know and like the music of Cat Stevens, this movie has to belong to your collection. If not, it is a good opportunity to discover him.Apart the music, this is a great movie, visually a beauty, and, despite the beginning appearance, it is extremely positive: to the point to give a kind of high.The closing scene for sure inspired the closing scene of Quadrophenia.

Charlotte C (fr) wrote: Burgess Meredith, Peter Cushing and Jack Palance in a delicious 60s flick that reminded me of the old Twilight Zones. :)

Neil O (ca) wrote: Entertaining British crime thriller, violent at times, with a solid plot and some great performances from Alfred Marks and the ever dependable John Gregson.

Ugoma G (es) wrote: Surprisingly, this movie didn't make me laugh much, but I still enjoyed it. For me, it was one of those movies where you're really silent because you're so into the movie. I just felt bad for Cary Grant's character towards the end of the movie. It wasn't a pleasant life for a male war bride in that film lol. Great job to Cary Grant and Ann Sheridan.

Private U (mx) wrote: that is one of the best movies ever!!!!!

Niels S (it) wrote: 3 ud af 5 forsvindingsnumre. Letbenet lystspil med forudsigelig handling og alt, alt for megen snak, men hey -- det er Woody og ikke Tarantino, s det er sgu okay. Og bde Emma Stone og tyverstemningen er vidunderlig.

Charlie L (au) wrote: Brilliantly thought-provoking and original.

Kim W (es) wrote: I wasn't very interested in the plot so I just fast forwarded to the musical numbers. They sang and danced wonderfully. Marilyn Monroe singing and gyrating to "Heat Wave" was pretty damn suggestive, showing me why she was considered such a sex symbol.

Garry F (es) wrote: Soulless garbage. Why does anybody watch this crap?