La supplente va in città

La supplente va in città


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Ken H (mx) wrote: This was an extraordinary documentary that I saw at the Toronto Film Festival. Most moving was the interview with Joan Didion who had written about the1989 rape of the "Central Park Jogger." At that time Didion insisted that the conviction of five young black men was full of assumptions that were not proved. She wrote that the convictions fed into an assumed narrative of young black men as dangerous predators. This view was extremely controversial, even among "liberals" ( surprise there...scratch a liberal and all that). Didion was proved right some 12 years later when the real rapist was identified and the young black men were released.

Devon W (ag) wrote: That was plenty more entertaining than I could've even imagined. A nice change over all the crappy made-for-tv- syfy garbage whatnots that have been released lately. Still, plenty of flaws including a let down ending that follows what was a pretty wicked climax. Oh well.

Benjamin J (us) wrote: Firstly, what the fuck does "Zombie Transfusion" even mean? Anyway, this is partly a standard zombie movie: government controlled virus, blah blah, small town becomes infected, blah blah, a few lone survivors try to figure a way out of it, blah blah. The main differences are 1) the survivors are high school students, which is more in keeping with slasher movies than zombie flicks (no scientists or marines here). 2) It rests upon fast paced chases and attacks rather than drawn out claustrophobia. Does this great mashing of genres produce the "holy grail of independent film making" that the DVD case offers? Does it fuck....I'm also annoyed that the gore I was offered didn't match up to the claims of the sleeve either. The reviews on there suggested untold gore in ways we'd never seen before. It's just not true. The closest we got was a zombie eating a foetus (even then the actress had to shout "Oh no, my baby" so we could tell what it was), but even that had already been done quite famously in Anthropophagus the Beast about 30 years ago. I don't mind a lack of originality so long as you don't pretend you're being adventurous.SPOILER: When the film finally ended with the two remaining heroes stood on the steps of a lab with evil scientists on one side of the door and flesh hungry zombies on the other, with the caption "To be continued" I couldn't help but think "nah, it's alright mate. You don't have to bother, I'll be fine. You can just leave it there". I love shit horror films, but this went beyond shit into proper shit. It wasn't even entertaining. A mercifully short 70 minutes passed without the remotest shadow of interest. Even the scenes where an actress went to get naked she never really showed anything off. I KNOW! That's how boring it was! I, as a grown man, sat there thinking "well, at least she'll get her tits out....oh no, she's sort of covering them up cleverly with her arm".Next time you see this movie, remember there's plenty of other bargains in the 99p store that you could buy- like a mug with "World's Greatest Lover" on it, or a porcelain frog to keep your toothbrushes in, or you could just throw the money in a drain and stand around thinking of lower quality versions of your favourite films. This would probably be more of a bargain.

Dena S (au) wrote: not my favorite of van damme, but the story had meaning to it. it was okay.

Chuck M (au) wrote: I like this movie. I always think of it when I'm flying anywhere! :)

Guillermo S (mx) wrote: The movie is by far more than that... But, just knowing that a woman, not so jung, not sexy, turns into desirable, tells about a not common movie. Turturro's shows his acting virtues and Nabokov would only be critic of the end.

Juliana C (gb) wrote: This movie was great. Angela Lansbury was a surprise for me (I had seen her only in Murder She Wrote series). I liked this version of the story and acting the same as the BBC's version, but only the finale was more dramatic and better in this one.

George M (it) wrote: This is definitely Pasolini's masterpiece, where he went away from realism to metaphoric narrative.

Ryan V (ag) wrote: This odd James Cagney movie features a magical hobo narrating the life story of a reluctant boxer's spectacular career. Besides fighting he spends his time attempting to woo his childhood sweetheart as she pursues a career as a professional dancer. Things get even weirder when the camera focuses on the boxer's brother; a George Gershwin-esque jazz writer who's struggling to attain notice as a symphonic composer. As one can guess, the disparate elements of this film don't hold together all that well.

cody r (br) wrote: lon chaney is again amazing in this great film to bad no known copy exists today lon chaney died a few years after this film but he left u many great movies 9\10

Sarah C (br) wrote: great cast, incredible acting by Streep, but really depressing and long story.

Devlin R (de) wrote: "Whatever his insane scheme is... it will surely be incomplete without you."