La tarago3 wala esteslam

La tarago3 wala esteslam

A boy living in a poor neighborhood is working as a police agent.

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Andrew S (es) wrote: A beautiful and clever and funny and heartwarming story of finding love . The music is awesome and the acting is sublime and impeccable timing. You cheer for the couple to realize they are great for each other .

Vivian G (br) wrote: Loved it and josh peck was in this movie and he lost a lot of weight and I loved the message that it sent with the movie put aside you deferences. Act like a champion be a champion.Loved the saying "I'm not into boys, I'm into men so we won't have a problem."

Eduardo R (it) wrote: Talented and outstanding. Fish Tank makes you find yourself in every single character (feat. Realism).

Lief T (es) wrote: Beautiful CG, but the story didn't really interest me.

Ken S (mx) wrote: John Waters wrote and directed this feature about a sweet and naive young man who photographs everything, becomes famous for it...ruins his life and he learns lessons. The film is pretty straightforward and, despite having a hint of the humor Waters is famous for, it lacks an edge to make it fun throughout and feels a bit predictable by the end...maybe a bit too long for how simplistic the whole thing is. There are some funny moments and some definite Waters moments that make it worthwhile, but it just isn't interesting enough on the whole to give it a huge recommendation.

Ken T (nl) wrote: This movie was just strange...

Joey S (mx) wrote: An early Alec Baldwin starring role, and one of his best, this is a very good drama with some elements of a black comedy. Worth seeing for Baldwin's performance at the very least.

Pramod N (br) wrote: A very very cool movie, aamir khan's one of coolest performances too.

Brian C (nl) wrote: Pretty decent sci-fi style story involving test tube babies and strange injections. Good acting, and a decent enough movie with a message.

Salvatore C (fr) wrote: A great movie about the 24 hour race at Le Mans...with Fantastic action sequences with acting a little dull at times with little plot apart from the race itself .......a movie for the race car enthusiast....

Orlando D (de) wrote: Ingrid Pitt was the definition of sexy in this Hammer production based on the Blood Countess of Hungary Elizabeth Bathory. The story is simple, a bitter older widow(Pitt)gets blood on her by accident from her servant, it is revealed to give her a youthful appearence. The need to maintain that beauty requires virgin blood. The movie kept me entertained throughout and it was never boring. The costumes and set pieces were excellent. Pitt was wonderful in this role, the supporting players were fine in their respected roles. The ending may have not been this best ending but overall this is a pretty good film.

Mark D (us) wrote: Garner makes for a pretty poor Marlowe who lacks the sense of grace and style previous actors did so well. The plot is confusing, but that is to be expected. What is not expected is how boring it is, mainly due to Garner's lackluster performance.

Tracey c (br) wrote: Skindiving for treasure, adventure and fun!!!

Keith C (ca) wrote: Ok, Twin Peaks was great, but enough is enough. Post Twin Peaks Lynch is a hack. We get it, David, hand held close up camcorder shots and camera filters that feel like a 90s after school special, or at best a high budget porno, is your signature film style. You're so surreal and edgy; too bad your movies are aesthetically repulsive and as boring as watching paint do paint shit.

Paola C (us) wrote: I Love You So Much Justin Bieber!!!!

Shawn S (nl) wrote: Just the right amount of humor and 1980s cheesiness.It's interesting to see Jim Carrey before he hit it big.

Ricardo A (kr) wrote: The Canal may be predictable at times and somehow slow, but the scary images make it a satisfying experience.