La tierra de los toros

La tierra de los toros


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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:1924
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La tierra de los toros torrent reviews

Melanie M (au) wrote: GREAT look into the history of his life.

Pourya E (ca) wrote: An indie flick with a modern twist! I liked it and was really relate to it as I have experienced something similar in my life. Unfortunately the story comes short in making the numbers about quality rather than quantity.

Colleen P (mx) wrote: This is a social psychology experiment with a film crew instead of a consent form. And it's mean. This guy pretends to be a guru to show people that they don't need gurus and that spiritual leaders like that are mostly a bunch of shams. But he doesn't expose sham leaders here. He exposes the gullibility and stereotyping of a group of people who really come to trust him. There's a death penalty defense lawyer looking for help coping with stress and there's a young woman struggling with an unhappy marriage. There some less sympathetic people too. And many of the people have a tendency to say stupid things ("I'm very aware of power versus force"), and show some pretty face-palm worthy stereotyped thinking ("it's like he's fresh from the Himalayas!"). He repeatedly tells them that he is a fake, that they don't need a teacher or leader, and that they only need themselves. But those inclined toward belief just take that as part of the message and love him even more for it. And he plays the role really well; he uses an accent and wears the right clothes. Dude caries a scepter. He gives them special scarves. He gives them sayings like "today I embrace illusion to find the truth." He gives them so many rituals that it's not hard to imagine the film crew sitting around deciding the next BS thing they're going to have these people do. All he's showing is that it can be pretty easy to get people to follow you if they're looking for something to follow and you fit the mold. The fact that he has some reservations at the end about what he's done doesn't really make up for the fact that he did it... and then released the movie showing it all. There may be a way to put a positive spin on what he did. But it still leaves the people that he supposedly came to care about looking really stupid; some of them may deserve that, but not all of them.

Gustav A (au) wrote: Based on an incredible true story, Danny Boyle delivers a film with an outstanding performance from James Franco that will most likely leave it's viewer in relieving tears.

Kyle B (jp) wrote: The script is cliche and riddled with plot holes but the acting and the characters are great. They really are likable and add a special, sweet charm to the whole movie itself.

Chris H (br) wrote: Well done Ryan Reynolds. This movie that takes place in a dark confined space holds your attention and never lets up until the credits roll. The tension made me itch and I yearned for Paul Conroy's character to triumph. The amount of sheer realism of his words and actions are enough to make you forget the slightly unoriginal subplots. 4/5 stars.

Paul 1 (nl) wrote: If u enjoy watchin a film bout cards.

Dan B (ag) wrote: Storyline is rudimentary in the extreme but the visuals are great and this is pretty authentic as mainstream surf movies go.

Hannah D (ag) wrote: A group of Asian women spanning several generations escape their humdrum existence on a trip to Blackpool. There are funny moments as well as serious ones focussing on issues such as mixed-raced relationships and pregnancy outside marriage. It also stars a twenty-something-year old Jimi Harkishin aka Dev from Corrie!

Cristi B (jp) wrote: printre cele mai bune coloane sonore

Samuel B (gb) wrote: This movie was definitely expected to be bigger than it turned out to be at the box office. It is a classic 80s movie just due to the fact that it was a 'Corey's flick.' However, it lacked the solid feeling of a plot, which I think had to due with the lack of acting ability by the 'Coreys,' but what the hell, wasn't this body-switching thing the them of quite a few 80s flicks?

Nicola C (us) wrote: Excellent movie & soundtrack set in the australian outback. Aboriginals encounter the "civilized" world.

Amanda F (jp) wrote: C'est trs bon. Dommage que je ne l'ai pas vu depuis le debut. Trs mouvante la relation que David a avec Cesar. Il se fait aimer. Trs mouvante aussi la dernire scne quand David s'etone de voir apparaitre Rosalie, mais aprs quand Cesar se rend compte il se tourne pour lui regarder en souriant, en lui rendant le protagonisme, puisque l'important c'est lui, Cesar, et qu'il enfin, rencontre Rosalie. Une scne que j'aurais fais.

Guido S (br) wrote: Your arrogance offends me, the rate just went up 10%. Predictable and has some ridiculous moments, but moves at a pretty good pace and entertains, sometimes unintentionally, for the most part.

Nils H (ru) wrote: Turrible, turrible turrible turrible

Nathan C (kr) wrote: I wanna see this first before i see the remake,The Remake is going to look trash but this will do my trick.Indeed it does have Keanu Reeves but this is not going to be a masterpiece but it is somewhat a movie!