La tierra prometida

La tierra prometida


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Bernie F (es) wrote: Thought it would have been way better ,the acting is good it's the story line that's a bit meh ! Kinda dragged

Jordon J (it) wrote: Conveying information and insight without artifice, Beyond the Lighted Stage uses every frame to wittily and touchingly convey a story that had yet to be properly told -- about a band and improbable worldwide phenomenon that is Canada's own. A great documentary about a great band,SEE IT!!!

Christine A (it) wrote: I LOVE PAUL DANO!!!!!!!!!

Morgan H (br) wrote: Some good story points, but the bad wire work, bad cgi rockets, and bad guys explaining how evil they are was pretty horrible. Some interesting Thai martial arts.

Ben T (it) wrote: Another fun hoodwinked movie that's better than the first and has more story, more action, and more fun

Cynthia C (es) wrote: educational and very moving

Jason W (ca) wrote: No. 2 on my top 10. Not necessarily in order.

Ricardo O (br) wrote: Pixote is a devastating portrait of the lives that many children of Brazil have to experience. One hell of a film. A film that reminds me of De Sica's neo-realist masterpieces Shoeshine and The Bicycle Thief in how director Hector Babenco used real children in the lead roles instead of actors, with the protagonist reminding me in some ways of Jean-Pierre L (C)aud's character in Franois Truffaut's The 400 Blows. It also reminds me of Luis Bunuel's Los Olvidados in the way it looks at how society mistreats these poor children. One of the best films to ever come out of Brazil. 10/10

Roger J (de) wrote: Unbelievably bad movie, silly plot, badly acted. Only Deana Durbin makes it almost worth watching but only if you suspend belief. Done differently, this could have been a good film noire.

Dan J (mx) wrote: "Gold Diggers of 1935" isn't as good or as fresh as "Gold Diggers of 1933", which is THE CLASSIC Warner Brothers musical of the early 30s, but it's still awfully good. It had music by Warren and Dubin, a great cast, and Busby Berkley's wonderfully eccentric direction. Yes, the plot is silly but it struck a chord with depression-era audiences and, besides, the plots in these movies serve to just move the film along between musical numbers. What makes this movie special is the "Lullaby of Broadway" number. This is a "dream sequence" number and is arguably Busby Berkley's greatest. Considering his track record that is saying a lot. It's the most memorable number in the movie and is widely considered one of the greatest production numbers in cinema history. I agree. I don't see how it could have been better. It's brilliant and makes an otherwise ordinary depression musical into something special. I don't rate this as high as "42nd Street" or "Gold Diggers of 1933" or "Dames." Those films are more consistent and their plots, while silly, are less so than this one. That said, the "Lullaby of Broadway" number is better than the already outstanding numbers in the other films except, imho, the "Remember the Forgotten Man" number from "Gold Diggers of 1933." In summary; part of this movie is as good as it gets and the rest is fine entertainment. Hey! It's Busby Berkley!

Johann M (nl) wrote: Despite being historically inaccurate, as said by Lisa Simpson, it is a work adapted from a play from Peter Shaffer. F. Murray Abraham was perfect as Antonio Salieri, the jealous composer that really hates Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his Oscar was well deserved. Tom Hulce was also a really annoying Mozart. 8 from 11 nominations won at the Oscars. Incredible! Listening to Mozart's music throughout the 3-hour film is great!

Mike C (br) wrote: A little more splatter violence than I remember when I saw this the first time. Gladiatorial car races set in a destopian future (well 4 years after 2008 when it was made) using convicts, some on trumped up offences. Part Running Man, part Mad Max, lots of spare parts and broken vehicles. Jason Statham, Tyrese Gibson, Joan Allen playing the villan warden and (early US appearance) Jason Clarke as her henchman guard.

Charlie G (ca) wrote: Very well done. Good music too.

Nick C (au) wrote: Really Cool, predictable as Hell, but who cares, if Rocky was from Sheffield and was into football this film would be the result - I wasn't alive during this period so I can't really tell whether they're just playing into northern stereotypes, or whether Sheffield was genuinely this desolate and deprived...but yeah this is a good underdog tale so who gives a shit. something different, and if you're a Sheffield united fan all the more appealing.

Jason V (ag) wrote: A pretty good sequel!Herbie's definitely an excellent character of movies.Very living, although it's only a car.

Private U (kr) wrote: How shit r da sunday night movies on channel seven!