La trampa

La trampa

Star Zully Moreno portrays a woman who marries a man she knows thorugh a personal ad. Obviously the man has a secret

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Adewunmi A (ag) wrote: Now, that's an actor that knows how to own a pain-filled role. I'm beginning to love Casey as much as I love his brother, Ben.

RajanSatish P (fr) wrote: A bunch of patients from the mental asylum turns out to a flesh eating monsters..Gore ..gross and solid freaky moments

Sarah B (mx) wrote: Amazing! Own it! Love it! Coco is awesome!!!

Private U (br) wrote: Its alrite, bit confusin but not as bad as captivity lol

Brody M (au) wrote: Not as good as I was hoping it would be

Raji K (nl) wrote: 101 Dalmatians is the story of a Dalmatian Pongo who lives with a bachelor named George. He seeks out a mate for himself and his owner and does so, and they have puppies. Everything is looking up till the evil woman Cruella Deville appears to claim their puppies for their fur. For a 1961 film 101 Dalmatians has great animation and a great level of charm. The story is by no means epic, but the characters sell the movie and give the film a longer lasting impression than it should.

Guilherme N (es) wrote: Disturbing, delicate, and savage, all at the same time in each character

Andrew D (gb) wrote: Joining the fashion that most of you have been doing because of Halloween, I am reviewing here my first slasher film of the month. The film Just Before Dawn is a 1981 slasher film directed by Jeff Lieberman. The film basically follows the story line of many of the famous slasher films, like Friday the 13th: A group of five friends go up a mountain to go camping. They are warned by a couple of people of the surroundings to stay away from the area, but, surprise surprise, they don't listen to them and go up the mountain anyway. There, strange events start to ocurring, including the disappearance of one of them. When he is found, the four remaining are split in two groups of two. The one who found him are aware that there is something in that mountain (though they are skeptical at first), but the second don't know until they are attacked by the thing inside the forest. Well, this film is better than your average slasher film. Slasher films are, by common, a genre that has many flawed films, and only about the 20 or 25 per cent of them are good (examples are the originals of Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc., as well as other stand alone films like Black Christmas). This film isn't terrible, but still isn't qualifyable. To start with the plot, the plot is predictable and full of clichs, though it smartly avoids a couple. It has been done about a dozen times (kids camping in the woods, haunted by an unknown killer, etc, etc), but at least in this film they dont go into the killings right away. They first start with the camp and its surrounding. Then they try to add a little suspense, and then, when they finally get into the killings, they dont go into gory details of murder, they just happen. This leads me to the direction of the film, which is probably the best thing about it. It isn't excellent, but still it is quite good compared to many of the other slasher films. The director in this film doesn't focus on the blood and gore as I already said, but instead tries to set a very creepy and dark atmosphere. The acting, well, the acting isn't anything remarkable, its a little wooden in fact, but it is better than from most of the slasher films. The characters are cardboard cutouts, but again, that's not new in a slasher film. The main actress might be the best one, then her boyfriend, then maybe the other guy boyfriend of the redhead. The redhead and the other guy are the worst, along with the blonde girl they met singing. Despite this, the last three do a much more credible job than in most of the slasher remakes we see today. But again, this is not Oscar worthy. A thing I didn't like was the killer. *WARNING: THIS PART O THE REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE RUINED TO THIS MOVIE SKIP TO THE NEXT PARAGRAPH* The killer was a fat disigures man (or rather two) who chases the main characters through the forest. That's exactly what Jason Vorhees does, true, but Jason is much more cooler than this fat clown-looking guy. Though the fact that there's two of them kind of spices things up, but doesn't help to much with this little effective cheesy villain. The film is better than most of the slasher films, but it isn't still a good one. The film lacks the punch of superior films like Halloween or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the villain isn't a very good one. But still, the actors do a better job than in other slasher movies, and the director does a good job at setting the mood. So at the end, the film isn't very original and is predictable, the villain is very crappy, but it is better than in most cases (sorry if its starting to get repetitive). My recommendation: I won't say this is a film you have to stay away as much as you can, but it isn't a film you should watch either. I'll leave it to your choosing weather to watch it or not. My score: 44%

Keenan S (us) wrote: Late Spring is one of those films that has never left me ever since I watched it. Though I've only seen it this year, I have viewed it an additional 2 times, for I am eager to try to dissect it - to contemplate and figure out all that it has to say hiding beneath a deceiving simple exterior. But it is no simple film, it is a quietly affecting and meditative drama. It's a film about changing times and traditions and it is never overtly emotional, rather it builds and only appears subtly most of the time.The story focuses on a young, 27-year-old woman named Noriko, who lives with her father. The 2 share a close bond, and they have only recently begun to put their lives back together after the war (Though, it is never explicitly mentioned. As the Allied forces occupying Japan at the time wouldn't allow the film-makers to make any direct references to the war). Though they live happy, simple lives, their relatives fear Noriko is going to be a spinster, especially as she is in her late 20's and has no prospects of marriage in sight, so they are eager to arrange a marriage. However, Noriko wants no part in these plans, and is simply content to live and take care of her aging father, and also hang out with a friend every now and then.But even her father wants to usher in this change for his daughter, for the sake of her own future.The story in its simplest form of explanation seems like a no-brainer, but it's certainly nowhere near as simple as it would make you believe. It's partly a story about family, partly about tradition, changing times, growing up, and a number of other things. The story whether it was intended to or not, is a Pandora's box of intellectual discussions that no one can completely agree on because there is so much going on within the film. It's also a story that requires to observe the characters and the direction to try and figure it out, in all of its subtle and not-so-subtle moments. But in short, what makes the story so engaging that complements the many intellectual discussions, is that is a quiet, powerfully moving drama. It's never overt in its displays of emotions, but when it wants to, it packs one hell of a punch - especially the ending which is emotionally devastating.The acting is top-notch, as expected from this sort of film, especially with the lead performance by actress, Setsuko Hara who plays Noriko superbly. She was bubbly, funny, and energetic, but also conveys sadness, fear, and anger in a way that is believable as her character's simple, happy world is forced to change, not only because of familial pressure and traditions, but also because as anyone has to experience at some point: growing up and moving forward in life.Actor Chishu Ryu must also be complimented in his performance as the mellow father, Shukichi Somiya. His performance was rather subdued and quiet, but it also could speak volumes when it wanted to, especially in his interactions with Setsuko Hara's character. You certainly have to read and study his emotions to appreciate his acting ability, especially as his character eventually comes to terms with the situation itself, which will force him and Noriko to part ways. This becomes no more clear than during the heartbreaking ending which is built up very subtly and slowly, before it hits him like a freight train he and comes to realize the scope of the situation.As far as entertainment goes, if you're a fan of dramas, Late Spring is certainly essential viewing. If you also say that you like watching smart films that may inspire discussions, once again, this is required viewing. Not only is this film a subtle, heartbreaking drama, but it is also a commentary about the time it was made and how it subverted censorship. Those elements inspire a whole new wave of intellectual discussions like the eternal art vs. censorship debate that will continue forever, or the political protest debates. One example of this is the prominent display of a Coca-Cola sign or showing signs in English among a number of things, in protest to the Allies' various requirements of what a film in that country could and could not talk about. It's absolutely fascinating in that regard, let alone the superb family drama that is already presented to the viewer.Late Spring is certainly not only one of the greatest Japanese films ever made, it's one of the greatest films ever made. It's a film that will tear at your heart strings, but also have your brain firing on all cylinders to try and figure all that it has to say about not only life, but also art, censorship, and politics. Like I said, it's a Pandora's box of intellectual discussions. While I'm certainly not smart enough to figure out everything that it has to say, I can say that it's a brilliant, subtle, superbly acted, and emotionally devastating film that I highly recommend watching if you ever get the chance to.

Private A (it) wrote: Return of jedi was a great film I like this the best star wars film.

Charlie B (it) wrote: Really amazing and touching movie.