La tumba

La tumba


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Yuri B (es) wrote: A superb, well acted, well written, beautifully performed film.

l i n d (ag) wrote: Uhm... Wow. Yeah... This may possibly be the weirdest, most absurd and also confusing movie I've ever watched. Cam's great, but that's about everything that's good with this movie.

Mark R (ru) wrote: A disgraceful adaption!

Carlos J (fr) wrote: muy original comedia con una serie de eventos descomunales, apoyadas de buenas actuaciones en especial michael douglas.

Bart G (us) wrote: A True Great Movie. Billy Crudup is a Terrific Actor in ALL of HIS Roles. Must See!!!

August C (kr) wrote: Kirk Douglas reigns champion here, its smart a well written, a very under rated film. Lots of symbolism and nuances in it to look for. May not be for everyone but truly a great film.

Avid C (mx) wrote: Casualties of War shows that war can be ugly for more than the obvious reasons. A great dramatic piece by Brian De Palma.The good. Excellent score. Once past the intro, powerful mood. Riveting story. Well built scenario, very logical and nicely paced. Emotionally disturbing.The actors. Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn are just perfect as antagonist. Don Harvey fits his crazy role very well. John C. Reilly plays the simpleton with convincing clarity. And I'll just mention in passing a good performance by Ving Rhames.The bad. The initial jungle scenes lack realism, as well as some over-acting by the black guy in the first part.The ugly. Nothing.The result. An emotional and brutal movie. Not for the faint of heart.

Alex H (kr) wrote: HILARIOUS!! Must see!

John M (gb) wrote: Tremendously cool and gritty, strangely romantic.