La tumba de Bruce Lee

La tumba de Bruce Lee

A pathologically enthusiastic couple with a weak spot for wine decides to fly to Seattle to realize their dreams: she dreams of strengthening her leadership abilities in an exclusive ...

A pathologically enthusiastic couple with a weak spot for wine decides to fly to Seattle to realize their dreams: she dreams of strengthening her leadership abilities in an exclusive ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff K (ca) wrote: Heartfelt, but I didn't see much of the humor most are raving about.

Alexander Z (jp) wrote: I can tolerate the premise, but not the shoddy execution.

Dawn (br) wrote: I didn't think this movie was half bad. More like a TV movie...but if you can get it for free....definitely watch it! In a way it's like a lame version of the wicker man....but still neat to watch.

Eric L (mx) wrote: Betty Davis and Teresa Wright are outstanding in this film!

Shane S (mx) wrote: An honest depiction of a profound tragedy that is as well written as it is acted. Love this move.

Daniela F (nl) wrote: Un cuento de hadas un tanto macabro...

Sophia S (kr) wrote: Not all the stories were fav MATRIMONY with Mandira Bedi...good one...

Josh S (br) wrote: Good, but not great. Really, I just watched it for the perfection that is Asia Argento, and if you're into her, you'll love it too, trust me. Oh, and am I the only one with the connection of Asia's character being called B. Monkey because like a monkey, she could break into anywhere and steal anything, whereas cast member Rupert Everett actually had a trained monkey do just that in Dunston Checks In? Yeah, I think too much.

Alex r (it) wrote: Clearly a rip off of Alien, Forbidden World is one of those obscured underrated gems that should be seen by fans of B movie flicks. This is a s sleazy as Roger Corman films go, bad acting, cheap sets and plot lifted from Ridley Scott's Alien and add to that a lot of blood and gore with nudity and you have a cult horror film you won't forget. Saying this about Forbidden World may seem like I'm stating its weakness. However, that's not the case. The film has a lot of charm that will surely appeal to fans of obscured horror cinema. Before watching this film, empty your mind and just enjoy some 80's schlock. For a low-budget quickie, I found Forbidden World to be lots of fun from start to finish. This is pure Roger Corman and it delivers everything you'd expect. The film is imperfect, and looks very cheap, but at the same that's what makes it good. This has plenty of good moments for horror fans to enjoy, and the strength of the film lies in its shocks, thrills and bloody content. Roger Corman knows how to deliver the goods on effective trashy horror gems, and Forbidden World is one of those films that really stands out. This is a film worth seeing if you love low-budget rip offs of big budget films and it's simply a fun film from start to finish. Don't take this film too seriously because it's pretty over the top. I very much enjoyed the film and it is gorier, grittier than the big budget films it tries to outdo. This is a flick that is sure to please Corman fans as well as low-budget horror fans looking for that film that delivers in ultimate cheapness; Forbidden Worlds is a very good viewing experience, one that horror fans should take.

Dominic S (gb) wrote: Timeless classic! Viva la Sopia Loren!

Christophe M (kr) wrote: C'est assez drle quand mme, chaque fois que je vois un giallo qui me plat j'en parle chaque fois comme si c'tait le meilleur que j'avais jamais vu ! Bon je vais arrter de parler comme un dbutant qui dcouvre parce que a fait maintenant un moment que j'en vois. Ca ne fait pas de moi un expert intouchable mais a permet d'avoir un regard un peu plus critique mme si a ne m'empche pas de prendre un pied d'enfer !Et ce pied d'enfer je l'ai pris avec "Black Belly of The Tarantula", et ses meurtres si particuliers proche de la faon de tuer d'une araigne et autre dtail troublant les victimes sont lies de par un salon de beaut et les suspects sont nombreux ! Bon, comme j'aime me creuser la tte pour pas un rond, j'ai quand mme devin l'avance l'identit de l'assassin (pas depuis le dbut, j'avoue lol). Mais c'est un giallo dans la plus pur tradition du genre avec un suspect qui fait tout pour ce disculper (Giancarlo Giannini super) un rotisme prononc et assez esthtique, l'image d'un film qui n'est pas film n'importe comment, l'ensemble a de la classe ! Et je ne parle pas du casting fminin qui runi la crme du genre (il ne manquait plus que Fenech) avec Claudine Auger, Barbara Bach et bien sr Barbara Bouchet. Du tout bon !

Benjamin W (br) wrote: While Mel Gibson is really good at crazy (makes you wonder if he was acting at some points . . . :P), the whole premise is so preposterous that the film almost plays more like a comedy than a thriller.

Hayden H (ca) wrote: inspiring and uncompromising and jjust so wonderful to watch every time

Eric M (ru) wrote: A phenomenal examination of crime, justice, media and the role of police in the preservation of law and order, "The Sugarland Express" is Steven Spielberg's tour de force of a directorial debut that ranks among his finest work. With utterly believable characters, an outlandish and engaging real-life situation, and excellent cinematography, the film poses provocative questions about uniquely American ideals: gun culture, vigilante justice, the role of the police, the influence of media upon the populace, and Stockholm syndrome. A fascinating story filmed with a unique balance of humorous charm and palpable tension that only Spielberg could achieve, this is must-see for fans of cinema and makes an intriguing companion piece to Terrence Malick's "Badlands."