La última cima

La última cima


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:82 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:priest,  

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La última cima torrent reviews

Laura B (gb) wrote: This movie is hilarious and stupid. I love it.

Tristan M (ru) wrote: Probably a bit under rated, but not a super impressive movie by any means. Apparently this is a remake of two original movies about our Alex Cross action hero/cop, but I've not seen them so don't know how this compares, or if seeing them would make me like this one less. Anyway overall the movie isn't great of terrible, just par and we've seen everything in it before. The acting is ok, Matthew Fox as the bad guy is the only one that really stands out, I quite enjoyed him performance. It was nice to Edward Burns again, as I quite liked him in Saving Private Ryan, so just him being here probably increases my review. Tyler Perry as the hero is an interesting choice, not the my first by any means, and doesn't really belong. Everyone else was ok, and the script was dull I guess. The pace was maybe a bit rushed, quick, which is good and bad. Nothing really stood out as being super interesting or grabbing your attention, and I almost fell asleep at one point, but I was very tired so it's not just the movies fault. The action isn't great, but wasn't bad either, just the typical action hero stuff we have seen a thousand times. The effects for gunshots and explosions where cheap, not finished, and overall unimpressive and fake. Passable movie, but no need to watch again, and doesn't stand out at all.

E L (ca) wrote: A low-key film with some potential and aspirations to greatness. Too bad there are others who have done this sort of thing a lot better. Most of the characters are really annoying unfortunately.

Harry B (it) wrote: I love this movie and I really love to cheer cheering is like my life if you haven't seen this movie then I don't know you you have to see it it is such a gooood movie :)

Almari D (de) wrote: Es lo mejor que he visto

cynthia d (au) wrote: never seen it and really want to see it

Paul G (au) wrote: Joseph: King of Dreams isn't as strong as The Prince of Egypt, but it's still an enoyable and heartwarming experience all the way through.

Omar A (es) wrote: buenisima, completamente disparatada, cruda y muy divertida!! EL personaje de Kika es muy divertido... la parte del actor porno PAUL BAZZO jajajjaj buenisimaa!

Brian D (ru) wrote: good movie but makes you wonder would your life be different because of one action? This shows you what could happen and maybe you wont be happy with everything.

Li (mx) wrote: One of the most devastating documentaries ever made. There is no way to perfectly capture the pain of death, but somehow CommoN Threads seems to perfectly display every painful moment of AIDS. This is a documentary that everyone has to see.

Adriano B (br) wrote: From the open desertic landscapes, to the closed, claustrophobic space of the inn, with a Spaghetti Western heart beating, a full Tsui Hark approach toward the classic of King Hu and its themes: freedom of thought (and action) strangled by injustice at political and existential level. Virtuoso.