La última huella

La última huella


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Reed H (jp) wrote: It was awsome !!!!!!!!

Wes S (fr) wrote: Obviously a mockbuster of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen while being a prequel to the first Transmorpher film. The CGI isn't too great and the characters are boring with a slow story that goes no where. Very bad effects and editing with not much to offer.

Whitney G (ag) wrote: It looks interesting... I don't know...

Wahida K (br) wrote: I have been a huge fan of Ghost Whisperer and then saw alot of Hewitt Movie, but this was a very interesting Performance. Rude, Mean, Lier, etc, just to climb up in high society. A nice mix, with a little romance.

Sammy M (au) wrote: I liked the premise and it visually showed what the main character was feeling. I also love how unpredictable the movie was. I enjoy when movies blindside me , and in all honestly this is the one movie that you could never guess how it ends

Dusty L (br) wrote: Really an animation over story kind of movie, but still enough story to enjoy. Their is a complete version on blu-ray that fills in the major plot holes and gives other characters more screen time. Watch that version instead of the original release if you want a full story. It is much better.

Claire L (de) wrote: Un trs joli film avec de beaux portraits de femmes et un personnage de grand-mre trs russi

Ethan P (nl) wrote: Best in Show is very amusing. It is amazingly cohesive for how divided it feels. The narrative switches in-between a slew of quirky dog owners who gradually reveal their odd personalities and relationships through one 2 minute skit after the other. The stories eventually wind together into the events at the dog show and even though the pace is deliberate and it is very seldom dry, the deadpan humor and hysterics of the group are hilarious. It's satirical mood is awesome. It is also pretty scary to see how ridiculous and seemingly crazy the world of dog shows is.

john p (gb) wrote: One of the action film

Calvin R (it) wrote: Another terrible film by Uwe Boll.

Nishlank J (es) wrote: Bunuel+ Rey + Deneuve = muy bien

Antonius B (au) wrote: It's hard to say whether Audrey Hepburn truly pulls off being blind in this movie, but this is a strong cast, and seriously creepy story. Alan Arkin is fantastic as the ruthless drug dealer who schemes with a couple of characters played by Richard Crenna and Jack Weston to trick Hepburn into letting them into her home, in search of a doll that was used to smuggle heroin and which ended up in her husband's possession. The film is not 100% convincing and you'll probably find yourself pointing out a few plot holes, but it's convincing enough, and I liked how taut the story-telling was. What could be more eerie than thinking you're alone in your apartment, but have three men with you in the room? We feel for this vulnerable blind woman and pull for her as she begins to figure out what's happening by paying attention to her other senses (and getting some help from a neighbor girl), and there is real tension as she does. You'll have to suspend disbelief a little bit to enjoy it, but it's certainly worth watching.

Jen S (kr) wrote: a fun saturday morning movie to watch. Ava Gardner was fabulous.