La última isla

La última isla

A young city girl spends time with her curandera aunt on an enigmatic volcanic island where she meets a plucky island boy and his mysterious sister, plus a very Quixotic loner.

A young city girl (Carmen Sánchez) spends time with her curandera aunt on an enigmatic volcanic island where she meets a plucky island boy and his mysterious sister (Pablo and Lucía Paredes), plus a very Quixotic loner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kaia M (ag) wrote: It has its flaws with a hard to follow and exposition heavy plot, but ultimately it still feels like FMA. Has excellent animation and a stunning soundtrack.

Scott M (kr) wrote: fun, funny, silly premise that delivers great 80's fun and dick jokes.

Jamie C (de) wrote: Not as good as the first but the plot was ok, Cages acting was sometimes under par, Was expecting more action scenes, Atleast the effects looked more realistic on the Ghost Rider, I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version, An ok ish way to kill a hour and a half.

Sheheryar Q (it) wrote: Not that good quite boring actually

Philip D (au) wrote: I burst... out... into a swan. Got this on Netflix thinking what the hey, cheesy "bunch of folks trapped in a grocery store" horror flicks are always a good time. But from the opening song by Siouxsie all the way to the end, this seriously rocked. Drops you right into the action, never over-explains itself and makes you root for every single doomed individual in the entire movie. Good stuff.

Eliabeth N (es) wrote: Wanda De Jesus was hot in this movie, the son was kind of a punk in the beginning

Gerard D (gb) wrote: Een schitterende raamvertelling in het Brussels. Hilarische dialogen, ad fundums, ambras in de cinema Nova, pinten pakken rechtover de abbatoir in Anderlecht, en vechten op caf. Strak geregisseerd door Olivier Van Hoofstadt, die later'Go Fast' zou maken, de Belgische variant op 'Miami Vice'. En met Melanie Laurent (topless en 't is de moeite), bekend als 'Shosanna' in de laatste film van ene Tarantino. Een parel om te ontdekken en te herbekijken.' Quel klet, ce p!'

Kyle M (br) wrote: Better on being more focus and more action-packed, but a bit less than its predecessor by the nasty side that's sort-of usually presented in second chapters. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Calvin R (ca) wrote: Constantine has solid production, a very interesting premise, decent performance. However, it does have its fair shair of flaws, the CGI was pretty bad. Either than that it was good!

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Grade - B+One of screenwriter Steven Knight's first movies, 'Dirty Pretty Things' is as you'd expect well written, as well as well acted and directed. It suffers from some pacing issues and it's often predictable but nonetheless it's a well crafted, grounded experience.

Hans J E (us) wrote: Just a quick rating of a movie seen in the past.

George L (de) wrote: A date brought me to this movie while I was living in Tokyo, Japan. I just recently wrote a 300+ word description of it, for which I'm looking for a place to publish it. Here is my lead iin:"If you could have a favorite of favorites, a Six Star movie, "Until The End of the World" would be my Six Star.The classical literary elements are all developed fully -- plot, character change, scenes, music, romance, suspense, surprise, unique and dynamic geography, and great acting. The sound track is very hip with unusual, vibrant songs from the likes of R.E.M. and U2."

PlatinumGlitchMint P (au) wrote: What's not to like about a film were a martian Santa Claus has to battle a spawn of the devil with the help of children around the world and Merlin the Wizard? More than you think.

Gus S (de) wrote: Utterly boring and stupid, obvious attempt to rip-off King Kong for British audiences. The lead actor is good, but the rest of the cast is pathetic and useless to the story. Most of the first part of the movie is kinda stolen from Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) and the climax is the lamest monster rampage in film history, exaggerating the film's low budget. Also, how come when the chimpanzee was injected with growth serum he became gigantic and turned into a man in a gorilla costume? Did they honestly think anyone would believe that it was still a chimp?

Thomas P (nl) wrote: It wasn't as good as Fantasia, but it is full of some great shorts.

Chris S (ca) wrote: Expertly crafted, this story has you wondering around every turn where it's going next. Linda Fiorentino is an almighty bitch, and damn does she do it well. The most perfect femme fatale I've ever seen. Ending is a little quick though.

stefano l (br) wrote: When you think that until 2008 Brayn Cranston was mainly known for his role in Malcolm in the Middle you can only go crazy. Everytime he is on screen, everything is magnetized by him, and this movie doesn't make any difference. A great movie, with a really great actor.