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La última noche


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Michael A (nl) wrote: This is probably the stupidest, most inane, moronic, lame, cliche filled, dog poop filled movie i've ever seen. Idiotic plot, wooden acting, silly "kung fu" gymnastics. Totally the worst movie I've ever seen. Even worse than Ishtar, The Last Airbender, or any Bollywood movie. I want my 88 minutes back.

Luia Ana G (kr) wrote: This movie was amazing, but i hated her till the very end. He didnt deserve to live like that. Coward indeed, just like she said. :C

Lady D (gb) wrote: An enjoyable performance from Christopher Eccleson and a revealing insight into John Lennon and life before and after the band and music. Interesting and enjoyable.

Rak R (au) wrote: A thought-provoking documentary into possibilities of consciousness, technology and the future...

Ricky S (it) wrote: Good character development with a tale that will give anyone chills. Great for the whole family!

Russ B (mx) wrote: 4/14/2017 (2): Meh. Pretty disappointing considering the good cast. There were a couple chuckles, but not a very funny monies at all.

Eileen S (br) wrote: cute but LONG. i fast forwarded the whole middle section.

Maark T (us) wrote: Funny and gruesome. Tarantino uses his skills as a director as well as ideas borrow from the Spaghetti Westerns he admires so much to create some very tense scenes.

Dora G (de) wrote: if you haven't seen this movie I suggest you make time. Its funny, romantic and shows the difficulties of being a teenage christian in a society that people would not except you for the person you are, that is other than the ones you love and the ones that love you!

Tamara P (jp) wrote: Didn't like this film. Everyone and his mother knows how this children's film will end, and yet they try to incorporate storylines that somehow have the purpose to convince the viewer otherwise.

Evan G (br) wrote: amazingly crazy b-movie fun, it you enjoy cheese, you'll like this

Claudia R (br) wrote: Once again not the greatest story but the two leads definitely pull it off.Loved it mainly because of Gary Oldman but Lena Olin was sssoooo good at being a bitch.

Just R (ru) wrote: A great horror movie , with a different approach.

Dave J (kr) wrote: Friday, November 26, 2010 (1982) Forced Vengeance ACTION This is one of those movies what viewers would normally see on chop- socky dubbed Chinese films where so many bad things can happen to one single person and in this case it happens to be Chuck Norris before he actually goes and does something about it! With major difference that those poorly dubbed chop socky movies on average has way more martial art fights than this! And when they do show martial arts, it is few and mediocre at that, like actual play fighting with no physical contact with whom he's beating up the baddies, and the only thing that is realistic about this film is the graphic rape scene and that to me is very sad! 1/2 out of 4

Ibraheem M (ru) wrote: The film relies completely on meaningless cliches and the whole relationship can be regarded as wrong, but despite that I kind of liked it. Leonel Richie also adds an amazing theme to the film at the time when Brooke Shields was young and beautiful in the early 80's.

Peter P (br) wrote: Terrible story, but a great performance from an incredibly young Jack, he had such great attitude and presence at such a young age, you can totally see shades for his later work, and that made it worth watching.

Anis T (es) wrote: Another entertaining western starring the amazing Jimmy Stewart. I especially enjoyed watching him play the accordeon and singing (which he does in real life aswell). Again fans of Stewart won't be dissapointed...

Private U (fr) wrote: The influence behind Raging Bull, a good enjoyable film.

Andrew L (br) wrote: Decent enough mystery film, but becomes all too predictable, & doesn't seem to know what to do with itself.

Robert C (de) wrote: All the stars go to Ryan Phillippe. :-p