La venganza de Ira Vamp

La venganza de Ira Vamp

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:99 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:statue,   mansion,   vampire,  

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La venganza de Ira Vamp torrent reviews

Logan M (fr) wrote: Cliched from start to finish.

Seth C (ca) wrote: Was it scary? Not really. Sure, it had the occasional "WHOOPSY!" moment, but so did "Saw XVII" (or whatever the latest "Saw" flick is). Was it predictable? Yes. But on the plus side, I didn't KNOW what was going to happen until a spine-shivering ten minutes before it happened (aside from the end, which I expected 20 minutes before it happened). But to be honest and fair, I think it would have been at least a 60% had it had a better director, cinematographer, and film stock. It didn't look so much like it was filmed by a bunch of webcams as it look like it was filmed on some really shitty film (or video) stock. Nice idea; bad delivery.

dfw f (mx) wrote: Burnt Money (2000) Today for me turned into a day with two Argentinean films in a row. 1st Lugares Common (Common Ground 2002) and now the Argentine Heist Flick "Burnt Money". "Burnt Money"is set in Argentina in 1965. This true story follows the tumultuous relationship between two men who became lovers and ultimately ruthless bank robbers in a notoriously famous footnote in the annals of Argentinean crime history. Nene, Angel and Cuervo are bank robbers who flee from Argentina across the border to Uruguay after a large-scale hold-up that turns bloody. Angel is hurt and the three must lay low until Angel recovers. Nene and Angel are known to everyone they know as "the twins" because of their resemblance, but the two are not brothers at all - they are involved in a steamy homosexual relationship. To get back to Argentina, the group must first wait for Fontana, the brains behind the robbery, to arrange for passports. Anxious from hiding, Cuervo decides to break curfew and go party. After Nene and Angel also decide to take off, Nene meets a prostitute named Giselle and Angel ends up getting in a fight. The group is forced to abandon their refuge and Angel and Nene decide to move in with Giselle. However, the sexual attraction between Nene and Angel burns too strongly and when Nene gets hostile with Giselle and kicks her out, she goes straight to the police to snitch on the group. It's not long before police are surrounding the building and the fate of Nene and Angel appears to be sealed. Pineyro interweaves the Angel and Nene story lines with finesse, underscoring the symbiotic, obsessive nature of their bond. The film is moody and stylized. I don't watch a lot of gay films (I find most of them horrible) but this is not a "gay" film and it is well constructed stylistic great cinematography and an interesting story.Director Marcelo Pieyro, whose films have been both critically acclaimed and commercially successful, is one of the most important figures in contemporary cinema in Argentina. Pineyro refuses to gloss over the dissonant nature of his central characters. Both Latin heartthrobs (Noriega) (Sbaraglia) are excellent in their roles. the films provides excellent look at Argentina and Uruguay also. Pineryo made one of my most favorite (and powerful) movies "The Official Story". I really enjoyed this movie it is much better than most reviews indicate. All my friends who watched it with me really liked it also. three stars almost four stars;

Brandon A (gb) wrote: Not the best Power Rangers movie, not as good as the Mighty Morphin movie, but a least some of the action is enjoyable, but overall boring script, and dialogue. But it's nice to see a kid be a Power Ranger in a movie, and in the show.

Angela B (ca) wrote: i was glad to find i enjoyed it as much now as i did years ago. funny, disgusting, crawly, and sad. bill paxton expends energy at a frantic rate. wayne newton is awesome. the details that make the mood and world of the film are perfect. love.

Matthew S (ru) wrote: Not a good movie but one that I caught myself watching bits of when it pops up on cable.

Dennis D (gb) wrote: Greatest war movie in history hands down!!!

Katha R (us) wrote: Very dull, very predictable chick flick. Hard to believe that Colin Firth (as well as the female actors) put his name to something as lame as this film. He must have been very desperate at the time. Two stars only because there are some bits in the script that are genuinely funny ("he has a face like roadkill and you want to paint him??" - and indeed, he did!).

Carlos M (nl) wrote: A splendorous epic restored to near perfection, running now for almost four hours of magnificent visuals and fantastic dialogue, and it offers us both O'Toole and Sharif in superb performances - especially the former as a complex, contradictory man in a journey from eccentric soldier to mad exhibitionist.