La vida empieza hoy

La vida empieza hoy

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Jennifer A (br) wrote: One bad as fucking movie

Ben T (nl) wrote: "Gasland" is a surprisingly interesting documentary that presents a concept that, in the wrong hands, can be really boring. But in the hands of Josh Fox, he presents this story in an entertaining and sometimes scary way that is truly engrossing.

Gloria R (gb) wrote: Best love story ever. Made me cry. Love it.

Abel D (kr) wrote: Not a proper substitute, this remake of the sports classic makes for a watchable, if not overly funny, time. Really, the games and Thornton's charisma are the draws for this film, as the plot and characterization, especially the gags, feel sketchy and thin.

Tanner B (gb) wrote: House of 1000 Corpses (2003) C-89m. ?? D: Rob Zombie. Sid Haig, Karen Black, Bill Moseley, others. If not the worst movie ever made, certainly one of the worst examples of entertainment on film. Four nerdy kids take wrong turn on road trip and arrive on a plantation owned by a family of sadistic cannibals. Sound familiar? TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE this ain't; writer-director Zombie also throws in needless grainy filters with random music at any and every opportunity possible that detracts from his story. No suspense, no originality, no appeal, just a lot of gratuitous gore and utterances of the F* word . . . and despite being only 89 minutes, it drones on forever. What's more, the ending makes no sense. What a piece of junk. Zombie filmed a sequel in 2005 called THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

Hadiysarun R (us) wrote: I didnt really look into character in this movie, but when Judy was played by Peter Outerbridge, i was like, OMG!!! hahaha he look diffrent, anyway, this movie gave a chill on my tummy, and i have problem watching it when it comes to their intimacy scene. But, one thing at my mind. How the hell, do they knew they both was Lessy? I dont see any of the dialogue stating they in Lessy City or whatever... Anyway, yeah... for a diffrent run of Movie. This Movie is acceptable.

Ariadne S (de) wrote: Finally made it through this movie on my third attempt over three decades. Wanted to see if my impressions would have changed after more life experience, but my first impressions hold that this movie is highly overrated. It takes an hour for a true dialog to begin and the long monologue that precedes it is quite boring. Andre's shallow trivialities presented as seminal experiences are tedious. Everyday angst of middle-class New Yorkers is weighted with the trauma of the holocaust and Third World poverty in bemoaning the human condition. Woody Allen does these "we're privileged but make ourselves unhappy" conversations with more wit and resonance.

Sonia M (jp) wrote: Gotta Love Lucille Ball!

Paul K (ru) wrote: I only watched it because of a reference to it in the show Archer. I was suprised it turned out to be a great film.

Joshua L (ru) wrote: Tara Reid of "Van Wilder" and "My Boss's Daughter" spends the entire second half of the movie crying, and yelling "no!" over and over again. If the ensuing wails and attempts at authentic acting are not the funniest thing to ever appear in a horror movie, at least they are surely funnier than anything to appear in "My Boss's Daughter."

Jonathan F (nl) wrote: Comment montrer l'absurdit de la peine de mort ? Un film prenant et surprenant.

Luca B (it) wrote: Sicuramente un occhio originale sulla guerra...

Emilia Cinia P (ca) wrote: Gorgeous art (Yoshitaka Amano rules), weak story.