La vida en rosa

La vida en rosa


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La vida en rosa torrent reviews

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: Not good movie to watch, horrible and waste of time

Marcio M (es) wrote: Pearl Jam e Caremon Crowe, no tinha como dar errado. incrvel como um documentrio consegue ser to emocionante e verdadeiro como Twenty, que comemorou os 20 anos de carreira da banda.

Megan M (ca) wrote: I was disappointed. The movie rose with such promise but dropped dramatically.

Richard C (kr) wrote: This is a really fucked up collection mostly about uncensored footage which was to be featured on those "Most Extreme" television programs but it never made the cut because it shows you the supremely unpleasant downside to every crisis. Deaths, wounds, suicides, killings, executions, freak accidents, etc. It's a no holds barred shockumentary that induces an ugly, ugly tone and feeling of hopelessness for individuals and mankind. If the whole film had continued as it did with its torturous mood, I think I would've been permanently scarred for life. Thankfully, it has some scenes counterbalancing the brutal, tragic ones, and though it seems kind of tasteless to include uncensored comic relief, it's for the better. The type of film that ruins your week and ups your death paranoia, reminding you how harsh reality is and how weak we humans are when we stand up to ourselves and our dormant surroundings.

Private U (ru) wrote: One of the best Ustinov comedies, with a great supporting cast, and cameos, watch for the subtleties

Niels S (it) wrote: Gode, solide prstationer gr kden af klicheer til andet og mere end socialrealistisk antiunderholdning for gamle tanter. Kate Beckinsale er sindssyg god og lidt for smuk til rollen som alkoholiseret advokat, men trkker af samme grund sevrdigheden pnt op.