La Vie de Bohème

La Vie de Bohème

Three struggling artists try to make passable livings in Paris despite knock backs and tragedies.

Three struggling artists try to make passable livings in Paris despite knock backs and tragedies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


La Vie de Bohème torrent reviews

Harish K (de) wrote: Prakash Jha seems to enjoy making such movies :P - aptly directed to ensure everyone claps ! Hope the Lal Salaam ends soon...

Ben H (us) wrote: Pretty good - obviously a young upcoming actress to hit Hollywood in the future

Smashproplaya (ag) wrote: One Dreamworks greatest

David H (it) wrote: Ladies... you too rock my world.

Luis A H (nl) wrote: Spike Jonze's strikingly original, quirky and funny direction blended with Charlie Kaufman's intriguing and Imaginatively Great Script make up for this amazing tale of identity, personality and dispair.

Luigi D (ca) wrote: A great movie. Amazing to watch, even with the English subtitles. Honestly to really enjoy shut off the subtitles and just hear the italian. It's a hysterical movie with great feelings and life lessons.

Seyu (ca) wrote: Loved it as much as the first one...

Patricia A (ca) wrote: Lovely Film in the style of the "Road To... " Bob Hope/ Bing Crosby films...

maria d (gb) wrote: wow this movie says something

Brian N (au) wrote: Is it a good movie? Not really. Is it a terrible movie? Bad maybe, not terrible. Its a movie to watch on a rainy day if there is nothing else on. It had a great cast, but I would have expected a lot more from them. I feel like they were all bored and were drinking at a party one night and threw out a bunch of ideas and suddenly there was a script. Whatever the case, saying its so-so is stretching it.

John T (mx) wrote: Beast Of No Nation 2015. This film is as depressing and heartbreaking as any movie I've ever seen. As masterfully done, as it is, I could not see ever wanting to watch it again. It is just so sad that you want believe it's a work of fiction but it's not. It is a real life horror.

Jerry T (mx) wrote: Just the right length....interesting accounts of the events. Not much to the movie though, but you are pulling for the divers.

Felipe F (ru) wrote: Funny and charming, My Big Fat Greek Wedding may not have a great premise, but manages to entertain and bring good laughs due to Nia Vardalos' keen script and lovely lead performance.