La vieille dame indigne

La vieille dame indigne


Madame Bertini, a newly widowed 70-year-old miser, has lived a sheltered life in squalour. She determines to venture into the modern world and have as much fun as possible, and in doing so finds that she loves it. She blows her life savings, much to the disapproval of the young people around her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tired of P (nl) wrote: Question: Do you ever feel invisible? You are standing there, existing in the world but no one seems to notice you or how special you are? I am positive a lot of you think this way but there is at least one person who gets you and when that happens - all is right in your world. An Australian film I just watched on Netflix, Griff the Invisible, touched on this subject. The movie stars Ryan Kwanten also known as Jason Stackhouse from TrueBlood speaking in his native Australian accent and playing a very different type of character. Anyway, he plays Griff, an introverted, awkward fellow who sees the world differently but who also lives in the world where no one really sees the true him. Um, not sure if I am describing it right.... The whole point of the film is that we all have our own perspectives on things but there are those rare few that no one understands and they become obsolete or unnoticeable to most. Bottom line, Griff thinks he is a superhero put here to protect the innocent which in turn makes him want to hide from others so no one figures out his secret (mission). Okay, that's enough detail of the story. Let's talk overall picture. Well, Griff the Invisible started off intriguing and with me wanting to know more about each character, specifically Griff. Ryan Kwanten was quite adorable as the awkward, unassuming chap who just wanted to do good deeds. He pulled off the innocence and detachment from the real world in a very convincing way. It was a big departure from his role on True Blood - the overly cocky yet not so smart character. Another element that stood out in Griff the Invisible was the cinematography/art direction. There were not a lot of special effects in this film but just enough to keep the story on the fantastical side. Also, the use of a certain shade of yellow was splattered throughout the film. It caught my eye as I enjoy color theory and know that yellow is an intense color to grab people's attention which is the opposite of what Griff wanted. It made me curious especially when the love interest wore the other two primary colors. Besides Ryan Kawnten and the visuals of the film, I finished the film with an unsatisfactory energy even though the ending made me smile. It started about halfway through the film, the story dulled and I found myself not really interested in the characters as much as I was in the beginning of the film. However, it was worth the viewing. Directed & written by Leon Ford, Green Park Pictures, 2010. Starring: Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody, and Marshall Napier. Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance. My favorite thing: One character (Melody) had some great lines in it. Some made me giggle. My least favorite thing: That the story wasn't well-rounded, I suppose. Rating: PG-13 Length: 90 minutes Review: 5 out of 10

LaTanua I (br) wrote: Pretty good. Kimberly Elise is a phenominal actress.

David B (fr) wrote: Beautifully shot but ultimately boring film. I understand Dumont did not want a plot but there seems to be no character motivation especially with the truck full of men who rape one of the main characters. I suppose events like this happen this way in reality--just coming from nowhere for no reason. The violent ending really has no connection to anything. Why this film keeps being referred to as a "horror" film is beyond me As Hitchcock says, ??what is drama, after all, but life with the dull bits cut out??? This film is just the opposite. All the drama has been taken out and a bucket load of dull bit added.If you want to see two people drive some, roam desert rocks some, screw some, drive some more and then screw some more go for it.

Vicky W (ru) wrote: really good. a very different take on the afterlife!!

Nick M (gb) wrote: Sure, I'll go five stars. Mostly because it's a weird movie, and of course it's accurate, boring and influential.

Steven W (jp) wrote: loved this movie when i was a wean lol think i was 10

Dan H (fr) wrote: There are some great moments in this sometimes creepy, but more often silly, cheesy and old-fashioned Halloween flick. The film is harbored by great performances by Jonathan Pryce as Mr. Dark and Jason Robards as Mr. Halloway. I'll say I enjoyed it but it's not one I would run back to see anytime soon.

A Z (ru) wrote: Surprisingly not all that bad. Donny Drapes gets emotional.

Ryan V (gb) wrote: The worst of the original crew's Trek films. There's way too much silliness and hackneyed philosophy going on here. It's a testament to the other films and the show that this movie didn't kill off the franchise.

Oriol R (br) wrote: Magnificent Walle is visualy impressive and the story is verry funny and clever i think is the best Pixar film of all time i love it it's perfect in all the aspects.i love it.