La violetera

La violetera

On New Year's Eve 1899, Soledad is peddling violets in a Madrid busy street when she meets aristocrat Fernando. The couple falls in love but their different social backgrounds threatens the...

On New Year's Eve 1899, Soledad is peddling violets in a Madrid busy street when she meets aristocrat Fernando. The couple falls in love but their different social backgrounds threatens the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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victor v (ag) wrote: movie is a scruple-less magnetically repellant in the lead

Heather M (de) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Tilda M (fr) wrote: Absolut den bsta skildringen p ungdommar i Sverige p 2000-talet. Eller inte, ganska rolig dock.

Cynthia (it) wrote: Too funny! Petter is soooo Gay!!!

Shelby C (jp) wrote: if you like generic plot lines with stars you like now (sorta) in the nineties then here is a perfectly adequate film

Connor D (it) wrote: A good but not great collaboration by Tarantino and Rodriguez. It's bloody fun throughout, but it definitely is not for everyone. 6.9/10

Daniel V (us) wrote: Abarcando al tiempo como un circulo ambiguo, entiende los silencios con vastas metforas con respecto al entorno espacial, vistas como caras, lgrimas y el mar. El tiempo golpea a los personajes y genuina mente los compone en una situacin de infinito drama, un circulo vicioso.

FilmGrinder S (it) wrote: The most cleverly disguised, Satanic kid's film, from Mexico, I have ever seen.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: A sci-fi film with a troubled production history. It was due to be the directorial debut of production designer John Barry, fresh off Star Wars. But then it's star had him sacked, and employed Stanley Donen, who sadly had no experience with science fiction whatsoever. It shows throughout this film, which is achingly dull and ponderous. Saturn 3 is a small experimental food research station on one of Saturn's moons, ran by Adam (Kirk Douglas) and his assistant and lover Alex (Farrah Fawcett), who lead a quiet, serene life on the space station away from the over-population of Earth. They are due a visit from a spacecraft which has an experiment on board for them, consisting of brain tissue samples. The craft is manned by Benson (Harvey Keitel), who is mentally unstable and even killed a pilot in order to get to Saturn 3. The experiment consists of an advanced robot called Hector, whose function it is to make the crew of Saturn 3 obsolete, however it turns out that Hector, with manipulation from Benson, is out to kill Adam and Alex, who have always been sceptical of a robot manning Saturn 3. Donen tries to make something of this, but not hard enough, the special effects are ABSOLUTELY CRAP, (no thanks to Lew Grade slashing the budget due to Raise the Titanic costing too much), and the whole film comes across as a poor man's Alien, without any of the suspense or frights. To think this came out the same year as The Empire Strikes Back...

Sol H (ag) wrote: Probably the earliest spoof of its nature that I know of. It's a mixture of funny and lame, but hey, it's not a bad way to pass an hour and a half. Personal enjoyment: 6/10 Actual quality as a film: 5/10

Kerri L (it) wrote: this is one of those movies that would have been good for youth group movie night.

Allan C (br) wrote: The vertically challenged Tom Cruise of his day, Alan Ladd, plays a cowboy railroad agent who runs afoul his shady friend, Robert Preston. It's a pretty standard westerns, but it has plenty of action, a strong cast (which also features Donald Crisp and William Demarest) and solid production values. Certainly not a classic, but well worth watching for western or Ladd fans.

Stephen S (gb) wrote: A good Western with excellent acting and story. I'm glad I found this film. I had never heard of it, but it's a gem of a film. Gotta love both Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson in the same film. They're awesome together. I would love to see them both starring opposite of each other again in the future.

Van M (jp) wrote: One of my top three modern westerns.