La vita è una cosa meravigliosa

La vita è una cosa meravigliosa

In Rome, a policeman is charged with listening to the lives of others.

In Rome, a policeman is charged with listening to the lives of others. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren H (nl) wrote: Ok but the film is short and seems to end before it gets started.

Laura C (mx) wrote: This is hands down my favorite documentary. It truly is eye opening and makes you understand what is going on in public education in America. You will become passionate about education reform and not realize it until you hear someone speaking favorably about the teacher's union. This documentary has some great statistics and you will win every argument because ultimately, the teacher's union protects... the teachers. This protection of the teachers has an enormous adverse affect in the education that our children receive. It leaves you wondering, who is protecting our children?

Haotian X (gb) wrote: not great but charming. tragically underwhelming ending. this is one of those films that should have decided early on whether it was going to be a comedy or drama. it doesn't survive as both.

Gabriel H (es) wrote: Cutesy Charlene Choi as a psycho really shouldn't work, but it does. It almost proves the Twins can act... almost.

Ben R (kr) wrote: A film the smelly rotten dudes underestimate. The films not that bad, while not a very good film its not bad.

Jacky L (ca) wrote: with a cover like that, was rather certain the flick'd turn out a dud. surprise, surprise!high on entertainment, silly-funny factor. not for snobs who need every film to be 'serious, art films'. there were some easy-on-the-eyes spanish actresses in here too.

Aimee C (de) wrote: I liked the first one, but this was just garbage.

Ifiok O (it) wrote: Despite the misleading title (there's actually no "chopping" here), this is a pretty cheesy 80s horror movie with pretty low budget production values, fast pacing, and very much all the trappings of a slasher movie, despite the killers in this being robots who fire lasers. There's isn't much else to say here except it will help pass the time if you're bored.

Art L (es) wrote: great noodles are hard to come by

Abel D (us) wrote: Somewhere between the Brooks and ZAZ school of spoofs, Heckerling's send up of 30s gangster film is still a fine comedy in its own right, thanks to Keaton's charisma and accurate recreation of a Bogart/Robinson type, a game supporting cast including a slimy and smug Piscopo and the straight-faced Stapleton as Ma, a number of genuinely funny gags, both visual (ZAZ-ian, like the establishing getting run over) and verbal (ala Brooks, like Piscopo's recurring 'someone else did (action) once' whenever he gets hurt), and a manic yet jazzy score by the always dependable John Morris.

Logan M (ru) wrote: "Magnolia" is Paul Thomas Anderson at his densest and most structured.

Cole W (us) wrote: Not as good as The Wrath of Khan, but better than The Motion Picture. This one is still worth watching, even if you're not a Star Trek fan.