La voce umana

La voce umana

'Human Voice' is based on Jean Cocteau's iconic one woman play of the same name. Set against the backdrop of Naples, Italy, in 1950, this romantic drama tells the story of Angela, (played ...

'Human Voice' is based on Jean Cocteau's iconic one woman play of the same name. Set against the backdrop of Naples, Italy, in 1950, this romantic drama tells the story of Angela, (played ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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PunkRock P (jp) wrote: thee worst movie I have ever seen

Caitlin L (ca) wrote: My least favorite of the series so far

PY C (nl) wrote: Very heartwarming and very funny movie, their chemistry is unbeatable. I enjoyed every bit of it.

Goh K (de) wrote: Un film giovane. Un uomo trente sette anni scopre l'amore con una ragazza di diciassette anni. Un film divertente fantasia che ti fa sognare.

Jennie D (jp) wrote: Haha 7 percent....worst rating I've seen. Not surprised. Remind me to avoid the director

Mike J (gb) wrote: I don't like NASCAR so this movie never really did anything for me. I love Kidman. Hate Cruise.

Brian S (gb) wrote: though entertaining and definitely clever in spots, this pirate spoof with an ensemble cast of comedic gold isn't that golden itself. spoof or no spoof, a pirate movie needs swashbuckling and a spirit of adventure--what little this film had was tame at absolute best. the script was not especially well-written, with wooden characters and humour that was far-too-often forced. I also thought they overdid it on the rape jokes--the first one was pretty hilarious, but after that not so much. relatively enjoyable, but given the cast and premise, this film is a bit of a let-down

Kevin T (gb) wrote: wrong whirlpool Mr. Smarty pants computer

Scott S (de) wrote: Boy meets bitchy girl, boy and bitchy girl fall in love, boy's mama doesn't approve, girl pulls a Virginia Woolf and walks straight into the big wet beyond. "Humoresque" is a strange movie. Crawford plays another strong, stubborn, intimidating character, but manages to somehow make us sympathetic to her. This is Crawford's unique skill, and I have to think the woman in real life was something like these cast-iron roles she played. She definitely outshined John Garfield, whom I didn't care for in the lead role. The musical sequences are interesting because they feature characters looking at each other and coming to quiet revelations, always a good opportunity for great acting. Crawford practically has an orgasm listening to Garfield play. Later, when good-girl Gina sees Crawford listening to Garfield, she has her own revelation and bursts out of the concert hall in tears, realizing she can't compete with Crawford for Garfield's affections. This couldn't have played better with spoken dialogue. My main problems are with the characters' motivations, especially toward the end of the movie. The mother's influence over the lovers was too great and I was never sure why Garfield liked Crawford in the first place. I also didn't think Crawford's character would respect Garfield's mother enough to let the mother's disapproval push her over the edge. Justifiable or not, Crawford's last scene is very well done.

steve p (it) wrote: great twist, ok film overall.

JFloyd3 W (jp) wrote: For a young bunch of 'recognizables' their acting is not as bad as reported.. the narratve, for the younger folks, is also not as predictible as it is for the older ones.. at least originally set in Brazil with pretty good cinematography.. of course I seldom watch these kinds of films - even on TV (to protect myself).. obviously presents a very bleak picture of travelling in a third world country.. this at least seems better than many...