La vraie nature de Bernadette

La vraie nature de Bernadette

A woman imbued with naturalistic and libertarian theories leaves her city home to live in the countryside with her young son. There she meets a litigious farmer who fights against the banks...

A woman imbued with naturalistic and libertarian theories leaves her city home to live in the countryside with her young son. There she meets a litigious farmer who fights against the banks... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leena L (gb) wrote: Not sure what to say. Love conquers all? The boy needs wheels? Better to be without a father than with a lousy one? Redemption is a bitch? Crime does not pay? In the end one is left wondering whether the concussion will end up in a sudden death or something.

Seb M (es) wrote: at first it didnt seem worth watching, but some of these reviews are incredibly positive.

Matt B (nl) wrote: Wolf Creek is an ugly, depressing, vile, misogynistic experience in horror brutality. And yet, it really freaked me out. John Jarratt gives one of the greatest villain performances of all time. He is absolutely TERRIFYING. So damn creepy.But is Wolf Creek worth recommending? I don't know. It freaked me out, but it also made me really depressed. Up to you.

Sunil J (it) wrote: One of those independent gay films that take place in a dark place where gay people are this gang that has to look out for eachother because the straights are out to get them. Usually I can't stand them but this was alright.

Zachary S (us) wrote: This film does have a promising premise, but unfortunately it gets lost in its own flimsy allegory rather than taking the time to emphasize the poignant emotional themes that it had the potential to portray. There is but one singular segment that actually possesses some spiritual atmosphere, something intangible and esoteric, but it is far too short and insignificant when taken in consideration of the whole, from which it feels detached. The scene of which I speak, for those who have already viewed the film, it the one in which the main female character becomes lost in the eyes of the man falling from the building, after which she utters a profound question and statement. ??Do people ever really believe what they experience? No. They don??t. They don??t believe anything they experience unless they are able to accept it.?? After that, the film simply meanders along at a slow and tepid pace, utterly losing all depth along the way, and never being able to recreate, much less maintain, the same emotional and spiritual gravity that it captures in that one scene. After that scene, never again does it prompt our minds to contemplate our own existence and nature. It is for you to decide whether one scene of poignancy is worth viewing an entire film.

Jessica H (es) wrote: Kidman shows tom a thing or two as she completly throws herself into the role.

Adam F (au) wrote: "Starship Troopers" is a bloody, violent, over-the-top, sometimes revolting action film that's also very funny and intelligent in its satire. When I say violent, I mean it. This is a Paul Verhoeven film! People get burned alive and melted by acid, shot in the head, decapitated, dismembered, stabbed, disembowelled and all sorts of other horrible bug related deaths. There is so much carnage and so much pureblooded jingoism that it can't be mistaken for anything but a comedy. Set sometime in the 23rd Century, mankind is at war! While colonizing new planets humanity has encountered an insectoid species known as Arachnids, or "Bugs" on the distant world of Klendathu. When the Bugs send a large asteroid to end and annihilate Buenos Aires, Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien) swears revenge. He, his girlfriend Carmen (Denise Richards) and their best friend Carl (Neil Patrick Harris) enlist. While the other two are given high-ranking positions, Rico is sent to the front lines where he and his fellow Mobile Infantry members (including Dina Meyer as Dizzy, Jake Busey as Ace, Michael Ironside as Lt. Rasczak and Clancy Brown as Career Sgt. Zim) come face-to-face with the Bugs, little more than human shredding machines on legs."Starship Troopers" gets downright nasty in its violence and gore. To make the "eww" factor even more traumatic, the special effects are excellent and don't look dated in any way (despite the fact that this picture was made in 1997). Does that mean everyone on-screen save for the main players are just going to be meat sacks for the grinder like in a slasher movie? Not quite because you will care about the people present. The movie takes the time to give each character their own traits and personality but it does so efficiently, developing several characters at once to show them both as individuals and as a cohesive fighting force. "Starship Troopers" is constantly eliminating and introducing new soldiers to the fray so you never who's going to make it and who is going to be sent home in a body bag. You've got to be paying attention even when the monsters aren't on-screen because that's where the important dramatic beats are present. People fall in love, develop friendships, rivalries and grow as individuals as they are affected by the war they're in.What I like about Verhoeven's films is that he always goes all-out. The movie knows it's an R-rated film so it doesn't sugarcoat anything or censor itself. We get shower scenes where guess what, people naked. You get sex scenes where you see nudity and you get appropriate language too. I've already mentioned the gore but it feels justified because the film bears everything. Now let's talk about the humour and satirical aspects. "Starship Troopers" shows the folly of blindly following the call to war and pokes fun at the way the truth is twisted to entice the young to enlist. We get commercials, propaganda speeches and mini documentaries on how twisted this world is. How you need a permit to have children, you're not allowed to vote without having served in the military, how insensitive people have become to death and how violence is seen as the principal solution to all of this society's problems. You get some really funny bits that will catch you off guard because it's so in-your-face. One of my favourite sequences involves soldiers showing off their guns to a bunch of excited schoolchildren, who end up fighting over who gets to play with it first, all for the sake of the TV camera. There are some really good one-liners that are memorable (Everyone fights, no one quits. If you don't do your job I'll shoot you myself) and quotable (Come on you apes... You want to live forever?!). Those make it a blast to watch with your friends.Is "Starship Troopers" cheesy and ridiculous? Oh you bet it is. But it's intentional and that really balances out how overpowering the bloodshed would be if you weren't laughing at the madness of it all. Some of the acting is good, some of it... not so much but it moves quickly and it's a lot of fun. If you don't like violence and black humour, you'll be perplexed as to why people like the film but if this is what you're craving, the fact that it won't be for everyone is what will make you appreciate it even more. Call me a cultist, but I can't get enough of "Starship Troopers". (On Blu-ray, February 23, 20

Jon H (kr) wrote: Incredible film! I'd not heard of it until recently listening to an interview with the director. Eerie, mysterious, spiritual, similar in tone to maybe Wicker Man and Don't Look Now. Excellent performance by Alan Bates as usual and John Hurt backs him up perfectly.If strange British 70's thriller/horror is your thing, well recommend this one.

Nick C (jp) wrote: Released theatrically in the United States in 1974 in an edited version titled THE TEMPTER (see poster below), the fine folks at Anchor Bay deliver this fully restored version as THE ANTICHRIST. And unlike nearly every-other film that was inspired by THE EXORCIST, Director Alberto De Martino took his version seriously, and the final result is a very well made possession epic that owes as much to HORROR HOTEL (1960) as it does to Linda Blair's pea-soup-spewing classic.A wheel chair-bound woman (paralyzed since she was 12 due to a car accident) lives in Rome in an enormous mansion with her father, brother, and faithful housekeeper. But this wealthy family has a wicked skeleton in their closet; one of their ancestors (on the eve she became a nun) left the convent for unknown reasons and joined a satanic coven. Sentenced to burn at the stake by a group of Monks, she begs God for forgiveness as the flames take her.Flash Forward 400 years. This same demon returns to possesses our protagonist, who begins to lose faith in God after a visit to a shrine of the Virgin Mary fails to work. In a seriously disturbing sequence (which was cut from the original American release), we see our paralyzed victim being raped by a demon as she is shown visions of her ancestor's induction into Satan's coven (complete with a mock communion and a goat-licking thing I'd rather forget!). While what follows is standard "Exorcist rip-off" fare, it's done quite effectively thanks to Martino's skillful direction and some great cinematography courtesy of (future) horror/sleaze legend Joe D'Amato.While THE ANTICHRIST provides one or two unintentional laughs, the above average acting (especially on the part of Carla Gravina) helps the the film to work quite well as a serious horror outing.This Anchor Bay edition features a short (but informative) interview with the director.

Mark Paul P (ru) wrote: Charles Stone is a genius!! Throughout the movie there are very interesting dramatic sequences that ties in the musicality and the way that Nick Cannon had to face. Knowing that he can't read music and that he's a showboating prick, he can't seem to value the "One Band, One Sound" slogan. Of course he sass's the band director, the section leader, and think's he makes up the band. This movie is a must see classic because of the drama, plot, and the music that's tied in the movie. If you love the Jackson 5, Earth, Wind, and Fire, or if you just like drama. This movie is for you. I highly recommend it!!

Joe B (es) wrote: i like the directing and the cast and the story. script is kinda lame though. i think the movie's biggest problem is that the elements that work are so good you wish they weren't trapped by 90s slasher cliches.

Pankaj P (es) wrote: typical Disney movie. they took a good script and turned into a pile of garbage

Jessica L (br) wrote: The music is amazing and the plot is hilarious. Haven't seen a great musical movie like this for a while! :)

Samantha S (kr) wrote: A true ensemble comedy with wonderfully dramatic undertones. Visually eccentric. Great portrayal of mental illness without overt judgment. Beautifully designed and executed with a great sense of self-awareness.