La zia di Monica

La zia di Monica

Two women share a tragic and supernatural destiny that binds them together even after death. Monica Serrano...

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Josue S (br) wrote: Great movie about Mormon missionaries being captive in Russia

lil stilly l (ca) wrote: A tight film about the distuction of drugs told from the perspective of the dealer and his friend. Well scripted, filmed and acted.

Liliane S (nl) wrote: Stellar performance.

Carlito G (br) wrote: Very poetic documentary about real people in iraq war.

Greg P (de) wrote: If you have Netflix, gotta see this before Jan. 1. Long live, rock 'n roll!

Philip E (jp) wrote: Did not stand up to the original one

Nan S (ru) wrote: always love movies based on true stories!

Victor M (gb) wrote: A romance sci fi film that uses the Gold disc with Earth info included in Voyager 2 for the invitation to aliens to visit our planet. Some humorous moments product of the alien's learning about human costumes.

Johnny C (jp) wrote: Both greatly misunderstood and massively underrated, Shock Treatment is a prophetic gem of a musical, the "not a sequel, not a prequel, but an equal" to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Firstly - this film is very specifically NOT a sequel to Rocky Horror. Though the characters Brad Majors and Janet Weiss (now Majors) do once more appear, they are not necessarily the same people; "Brad" and "Janet" are simply character tropes of Richard O'Brien's, deftly used and suitably situated so as to satirize aspects of archetypal whitebread American culture. In Shock Treatment, O'Brien manages to successfully utilize these tropes to sharply criticize the great banality of content and dangerously devoted viewer obsession in the medium of television. In so doing, he inadvertently predicts the phenomenon of reality TV by several years, and indeed our obsessive-compulsive viewing habits as a culture in the Information Age as well. There is a biting satire to be found concerning the "old values," i.e., traditional American practices, attitudes, beliefs, and morality. There is also a clever hommage to the German Expressionist film movement in the character of Bert Schnick, the seemingly blind sensational TV host based on heavily on Dr. Caligari from, of course, Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. The story of the film could be said to be summarized in one particular line from the film delivered by Judge Oliver Wright (Charles Gray, who portrayed the Narrator in Rocky Horror): "The blind leading the blind." The quotation is used to describe Schnick's significant influence over the content of the television station and, in turn, the minds of the viewers. The analogy of the evil hypnotist doctor cruelly manipulating his somnambulist man-puppet to Bert Schnick/Farley Flavors/Doctors McKinley cruelly manipulating their hypnotized mass audience proves apt. The film is a great deal smarter than people give it credit.At the end of the day, a musical succeeds or fails by the quality of its songs. And it's here that O'Brien really shines; as legendary, inspiring, fantastic, and well-performed are the songs of its predecessor, the tunes in Shock Treatment somehow manage to equal them. Don't believe me? Go back and, with an open mind, honestly compare not just the best moments, but the entirety of RHPS's musical content to the entire musical content of Shock Treatment. Or simply take my word as a professional musician - they hold up. Give the film a fair shot, enjoy the experience, and have the songs get stuck in your head for days following. It's not a's not a's an equal.

Christian H (kr) wrote: Absolutely Beautiful.Heartbreaking.One of the best films ever made, based on one of the best books I have ever read.I will recommend this film (and the book) until the day I die