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Tracy X (au) wrote: I wanted to like it but it simply was not good. Charlyne strays a little too far from being awkwardly cute to /unbearably/ awkward here.

Rui P (jp) wrote: Like the original concept, decent acting and script.

Jacque A (gb) wrote: I heard this was a really weird movie.

Larisa L (de) wrote: wasn't familiar with all the brian jones story so it was interesting to read about the creation and destruction of a rock star. there is some heavy confusion in the making of this movie, maybe it wanted to portrait the feeling of the stoned brain jones... but it seem more of a mass.

Nikki M (mx) wrote: My favourite childhood film. My nan taped it off the tv and i watched the video til it broke. Now have it on DVD thanks to one of my best friends!

Jason D (mx) wrote: Another entry in the killer puppet genre by the only guy who keeps contributing to it anymore, Charles Band, whose attempts at rediscovering the former for a good killer puppet movie (like is old school Puppet Masters franchise) have seemingly left along with his brain as he keeps putting out more and more silly ass films that get more and more low budget and ridiculous one after the other. This small (no pun inteded) tale revolves around a deformed and crazed rich freak who has a midget butler and a kidnapped girl rock band that plays whenever he wants them to play. For some reason he creates dolls to kill people and turn them into dolls that emulate their stereotypes or whatever. Pretty off the wall and dull at times but fun to watch when drunk.

Rahul S (br) wrote: The greatest Bollywood film of all time and SRK's greatest film ever and this film is a classic!!!

Charles P (us) wrote: Few actors would be willing to play such a character as fearlessly and with such unbending openness as Mr. Harvey Keitel.

Dryorophus (mx) wrote: It sayd on the cover that this would bee a action, but it was a commedy, and I laughed so...

Keenan S (es) wrote: This has only been my second Akira Kurosawa film, but I must say, that I'm already extremely impressed after only seeing two films of his. A lot of times, when directors get older, their films begin to suffer, but this doesn't feel like any part of the director's magic has vanished, even though he was 70 when this was made. It still tells a very compelling story about a man who becomes a double for a deceased clan leader and his struggles to retain his cover. Though it's a very simple plot on paper, the film turns that plot into a magnificent epic that really fleshes out all the little details including the lives of the warlords out to destroy the clan. Kagemusha is a phenomenal drama and war epic from the master of Japanese cinema and it makes me eager to see his other offerings.

Alexander Z (it) wrote: Jesus Christ what a bad movie.

Walter M (gb) wrote: [font=Century Gothic][color=sienna]"Kung-Fu Hustle" starts out with one gang walking into a police station and walking out again with one of their wives who had been accused of spitting. Once they are outside of the police station, another gang, bigger and badder than they are, called the Axe Gang dressed in undertaker chic, comes along...the kind folks of Pig Sty Alley manage to keep out of such wordly concerns until an inept wannabe gangster drags them into this. [/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#a0522d][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#a0522d]"Kung-Fu Hustle" is a wonderfully inventive action movie. Yes, much of it does depend on special effects but they are all put to good use. As with "Shaolin Soccer", Stephen Chow seems to be sympathizing with the common man. "Kung-Fu Hustle" proves that you don't really need arcane philosophy to make a great action movie; just a great sense of fun. If there is a moral here, it is always to pay your landlord/landlady on time.[/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#a0522d][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=navy]"3-Iron" is your typical story of a young man who rides around on his motorcycle planting take-out circulars on front doors to mark whether or not the occupants are at home. When they are not at home, he stays the night but takes nothing and even tidies up somewhat. Eventually, he comes upon an upper scale dwelling where he thinks he is alone. But he comes upon a young woman who has been abused by her husband. The young man finds a creative use for a golf club.[/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#000080][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=#000080]"3-Iron" is a unique movie. Neither of its protoganists say anything except for one sentence. I think it takes great courage to tell a story with so little dialogue and to have so much trust in the audience to follow the story in this way. Another plus is that it does not follow the usual thriller of the week storyline. I think director Kim Ki Duk is trying to make a statement about the nature of freedom and property. [/color][/font][font=Century Gothic][color=#000080][/color][/font] [font=Century Gothic][color=darkslategray]"Welcome Danger" is another silent movie starring Harold Lloyd.(I know there is a version of this movie with some sound. This version is completely silent.) This one is about a botanist heading west to San Francisco and eventually becomes enbroiled in romance and drug smuggling in Chinatown. I found this film to be amusing, although sometimes a little too busy for its own good and not in the league with "Safety Last."[/color][/font]

Panta O (es) wrote: A "C" grade American thriller, directed by Kevin DiBacco, which will make your hair staying up, not because of suspense, but because the acting, editing, directing, screenplay, and everything important about a movie was so bad, that I do not know what words could I use to describe it. Mediocre cinematography was by Mark Hensley, and the Raffaele DiBacco's story was transformed by Alexander Merrill and Justine Lynn to a screenplay with very awkward dialogues. It stars Jami Tennille, Nicole Lasala, John Trent, Kevin O. Peterson and Amber Paturzo. It is a DiBacco Films production, and my first guess was that nobody else would even think making something like this and trying to sell it, except the guy who made it. The film was released with the tagline: "What if you couldn't tell where your nightmares stop and reality begins?" I wish someone told me in advance that this is not worth a minute of my wasted 1 hour and 27 minutes. Please, if you have any feel for art, any art, stay away from this sad excuse of a movie! Boring, dumb, and dull are the first three words coming to my mind... but I could describe it with at least another 50 similar!

Alli H (au) wrote: im sure ive seen this...and if i remember its pretty good

Rodney E (gb) wrote: One of those bad early 90's movies that I would watch if my parents rented. Ernie Hudson wasn't bad but with a role like that you could see where it was going. It's just a stupid movie and I understand some are allowed to be stupid but when you understand DeMornay's position and why she is after the family, it is just dumb

David W (au) wrote: So.......everything has been said about this one