Lábios Sem beijos

Lábios Sem beijos

Lelita, a rich young lady, is courted by Paulo, her cousin, but she has reason to believe he is also having na affair with Lelita's sister, which causes jealousy trouble, until all becomes clear and true love prevails. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael C (jp) wrote: I realize this sort of movie is just for entertainment and I should just enjoy it, but to do that, for me the show's gotta have at least some little piece of actual science. This movie has none. Zip. Nothing.

Sami Q (jp) wrote: Excellent. Breathtakingly beautiful story, fabulous acting by Ranvir and near perfect direction by Rajat Kapoor. the film leaves you poignant and gloomy but you end up having serious feelings for VK. ah, I am in love with the movie. Make more of these, please?

Jackson P (us) wrote: I think this film is one hundred percent amazing.

Liolia K (es) wrote: But, aren't we ALL insane?

Paul D (nl) wrote: Solid little witch thriller, a bit quaint by today's standards but I'll give anything a try that Richard Matheson has written.

Jim U (de) wrote: Took a long time to develop, but turned out to be an okay movie.