The story (fictional) of a Turkish intel team trying to stop a terrorist organization trying to conduct attacks in Istanbul. Due to differing positions of TR, the UK and the U.S. towards ...

A massive explosion rips though a busy street in Istanbul, Turkey. 95 people are dead; 30 Americans and 5 British. The massacre sends shock waves from Turkey to London and Washington, DC. A new terrorist organization is behind the attack. The explosion is just the beginning. Labyrinth' is the code name of the operation conducted by Turkish intelligence to stop a second, more devastating attack that will plunge Turkey, the only democratic Muslim country in the region, into chaos and destroy the fragile balance of the Middle East. After the initial attack, Turkey becomes a battlefront for terrorists and Turkish, British and American intelligence officers. Everyone has his own agenda in the fight that stretches from Istanbul to Eastern Turkey and from Frankfurt to Northern Iraq. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim S (de) wrote: Definitely an art house film. It's a very strange going but interesting.

Ryan H (ru) wrote: Just a mere 5 years before Noah Baumbach released the amazing, touching, funny Squid and the Whale (2005), he wrote and directed a comedy of manners called Highball. The next words on this page will discuss this particular film, though some words may appear that talk about other subjects. You are advised not to trust those particular words. For reasons I don't understand, Baumbach directed Highball under the name Ernie Fusco, and credited the script to Jesse Carter. In fact, the only credit he took in the production was for a birthday song that appears at various points in the film, including the credits, with the amazingly creative lyrics, "Everybody Felix/It's Felix's Birthday!". The movie is split into three parts, each being a different dinner party. Most of the characters appear in all three parties, separated over a few month period. There really is very little to say about the plot, it's delightfully absent for the first part. For example, Felix, probably the funniest character in the film, is inexplicably comatose in the final party, and the characters only hint at his condition. For some reason, this makes the entire scene that much more amusing. This movie simply has one of the funnier scripts I've ever seen. By eschewing any basic elements of plot and story, the film instead focuses on the characters' interactions with each other, which always end in laughs. Highly recommended for someone in need of a good, silly comedy.

Shane S (nl) wrote: A pretty good action/comedy. Mel and Goldie are a great pairing. Its funny...good flick.

Carol H (jp) wrote: Yet another movie I just couldn't finish. It didn't even feel like a movie. It felt like a series of events that happened to be filmed.

Daniel B (ag) wrote: Everyone should see this at least once

Crystal J (fr) wrote: I can't help falling in love either!

Cody B (ca) wrote: Think of it as the Western's Avatar. Big, beautiful scenes and little else. But what beauty!

Caitlin L (es) wrote: One of my favorite Harrison Ford movies.

Quintin K (fr) wrote: Honestly, I laughed a lot, sometimes on the verge of tears, but that's what Kevin Hart does. But this film was so predictable, and something I've seen more than a time of two in recent comedic history.

Peter D (ag) wrote: Beautiful vistas, powerful performances, and adventure! What more can you ask. See this movie.

Bearbait E (us) wrote: I saw this movie right after it came out. I don't care about critics reviews, or what is influential in the indie movie industry. What was amazing about this was that it broke away from the standard formulaic hollywood garbage. It also tackled sex and relationships in a stark and real manner. I have seen thousands of movies in my life and this one left a lasting impression.