On a desolate, windswept island. Stella and Oskar, a young couple, visit her father Nathan who lives a simple solitary life in the company of his Labrador dog.

A desolate, windswept island. Stella and Oskar, a young couple, visit Stella's father Nathan who lives alone with his labrador. Stella is pregnant and looking forward to having a baby, but Oskar appears to have doubts. When Oskar falls prey to Nathan's provocations and feels bewildered by the relationship between father and daughter, a clash between the two men is inevitable, and Stella is caught in between. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Labrador torrent reviews

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Not a fan. Went on date night, what are you gonna do?

Lateef R (gb) wrote: It was good but kind of robbed the audience of a real solution to the problem. Like no cops come and people are missing. People are in the hospital and nobody ever revisits that element. People in the hospital TALK to police in most movies. So basically a guy whom is not even a likeable character gets away with a whole lotta shit and that's that...

Yash B (it) wrote: Average and decent fun. Nothing particularly special but the laughs are there.

Chris A (jp) wrote: they deserved to die

Jason A (ca) wrote: How this movie only received a 24% by the critics is a crime. Along with The Sandlot, probably the best movie of my childhood

Adam R (fr) wrote: I was quite surprised that one of my early childhood favorite movies was not only tolerable but also still fun to watch. I got a kick out of the songs again and it really brought back some memories. (First viewing - Childhood)

Janne S (nl) wrote: Viihdyttv, aikoinaan ilmeisesti suurtakin kohua nostanut, jnnrikomedia. Lapsena pidin tst ja pidn edelleen. Vlill liian lhell nytelmtaltiointia, mutta muuten toimii oikein hyvin. Lumetin tuotannossa tm on korkeintaan keskitasoa. "See Batman's butler make out with Superman!" olisi hyv mainoslause blurayn kanteen.

wild willie n (es) wrote: good God WHY did i watch this!?!? Back in the day of free SuperChannel weekends, i used to be prepared to watch a couple of steaming turds just because it was free and i had my best Roger Ebert going on. This i think is the ONLY reason i sat through this fucking thing. The lead character in this is the most annoying, bitchy, wimpy, pussy whipped, HAIRY, so called man i've ever witnessed on screen. I was screaming throughout this P.O.S. - screaming for these 90 minutes BACK!! DON'T SIT THROUGH THIS WRETCHED HELL!

Luke H (au) wrote: Another solid Eastwood western.

davidicus s (br) wrote: splicing together home movies of explicit sex and indie rock concerts does not a good film make.