Labyrinth of Passion

Labyrinth of Passion

A camp melodrama/comedy about Sexilia (a nymphomaniac), Sadec (a gay Islamic terrorist), Riza Niro (the son of the emperor of Tiran), and Queti (the daughter of a dry-cleaner).

A camp melodrama/comedy about Sexilia (a nymphomaniac), Sadec (a gay Islamic terrorist), Riza Niro (the son of the emperor of Tiran), and Queti (the daughter of a dry-cleaner). When Riza ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Teresa B (es) wrote: Increible, genius, a reflection of life. They someone managed to turn a life-less situation into an imaginative and real story. The directors wanted you to laugh at the first fart, but cry at the last. That is what happened, it takes a special kind of brilliance to make more than one person cry at a fart.

Bibek C (kr) wrote: watchable but gets boring in the 2nd half......

Christopher B (de) wrote: Can you say made-for-tv? Took it out after 20 mins.

Kartik B (us) wrote: abhay deol and amit trivedi at their daring best

Scott D (br) wrote: a stark reality check for any long term marriage or partnership

Karsh D (nl) wrote: well acted period drama with quite an original plot but for some reason lacking a real blow that makes you think your watching anything other than an average film

Frances H (au) wrote: Love James Gandolfini, but this movie lacked something I just can't put my finger on.

Sean D (br) wrote: This film couldn't have been any further out of left field if it tried. In one corner we have the beautiful and sultry Kate Beckinsale who has a spot-on American accent. Why did they make her American? I have no clue. Then we have her hubby, Luke Wilson. Them alone in a film that's outside of their typical genre (unless you count Underworld as horror, but even monster horror and slasher / torture horror are two completely different subgenres of horror).. The plot is pretty cookie-cutter. We have a separated couple that is getting a divorce based on events that happened that led to the death of their child. A plot like that, has been seen before in slashers. As the film continues, the married couple grows stronger and rekindles their love. The weirdo antagonists in the film basically like illegally filming snuff films in motel rooms...I have no clue. It was a pretty shitty plot. This film is more fun because of the AAA actors involved in an anything but AAA film.

Kelvin M (mx) wrote: I'll give this movie a 5star cuz I love the movie and Lucas Cruikshank

Paul S (ca) wrote: Good no brain action film but very unrealistic in places.

MEC r (nl) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Private U (kr) wrote: Interesting movie. The cast is hot. Karen Black is over the top as usual.

Christian Z (fr) wrote: Boring, slow with a host of characters you can't care about or empathize with...the CO played by Dwight Yoakum is loathsome and the budget must have been very low, but it does show that the Hurtgen was a bloody mess...

Hae H (gb) wrote: Really enjoyed this....bit slow to start. Funny, insane and sexy.

Roberto U (fr) wrote: Wonderful Capra film with a good combination of angst and sweetness to make it palatable.

Anthony K (us) wrote: Day 50: Hercules in New York. Back in the day, the Governator was known as Arnold Strong aka Mr. Universe. It's fitting that's how he's credited in this movie that looks like it was made by a twelve-year-old with a Super 8 camera. Side note: he can barely speak a word of English too.

David D (ca) wrote: A strikingly original and very dark urban fantasy.

Markus M (au) wrote: While Total Recall may be just as hokey as a lot of the other action movies made around the same time, what makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that it's a lot more creative and has a far more interesting set-up than most run-of-the-mill action movies. I also appreciate how the film's world isn't overly futuristic but instead feels very much like what present day society might be like with a few decades worth of added scientific advancements.7,5/10

Nilufer R (nl) wrote: This was a mediocre middle age drama / wanna be comedy of a one fine day. Cute but kind of dull story of exploring what you really are made of and how you are feeling about your life. Actual daughter; nice touch.