Lad Gaya Pecha

Lad Gaya Pecha

A man is trying to get married he tries to kill himself after he falls in love with a ghost and is also in love with a human being. Who Will He Choose?

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Natalie A (us) wrote: Nicely done. I really liked it and learned some new things. I would recommend it to everyone. It encourages people to think and question everything. It includes interviews from cancer victims and corporations' representatives. It will rub some people the wrong way like a woman said in the documentary the lies people believe about cancer are comforting.

Emanuel L (ca) wrote: Tipica pelicula IsatPs. Mark bebazo

David L (br) wrote: A cute story about gay relationships. Some hot guys. We need more good gay movies. Until then, this one will have to do.

jesse k (jp) wrote: Pretty face, nice tits. Erin Brockobitch.

Colleen T (mx) wrote: Emotional. Not the most memorable, but it leaves you with that unnameable emotion.


Patrick D (mx) wrote: This is a very intriguing film. With some twists and mystery. Bronson is cool as cool can be, but most of the supportings hold their own weight. To be corny, this film is just a fun effing train ride. With an incredible theme song by Jerry Goldsmith.